Oriental flavours: Here’s how to make Hot Basil Chicken Cups in simple steps

Try this hassle-free tasty Japanese recipe to impress everyone.

By: Lifestyle Desk | Kolkata | Updated: March 20, 2017 11:02:18 pm
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Love oriental cuisine? Subtle in taste and rich in flavour, more and more Indians are falling in love with food from not just China but as well as other South-Asian countries. And by far Japanese cuisine is gaining popularity.

Japanese food is known for its intricacies, precision, and amazing presentation. The South Asian cuisine has mesmerised the world with its appealing look, exotic taste and high health quotient. But often, many shy away from trying this food at home in the fear that it might involve too much of a hassle, if not the skill.

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Don’t worry, we have solved your problem. Here’s an easy and simple Japanese recipe for you to make in your kitchen. A tasty starter that is just perfect for any party. Provided by Mamagoto, Kolkata this would surely make you a star before your friends and family for attempting this otherwise complicated cuisine.

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150g – Boneless chicken (finely chopped)
5g – Fresh red chillies (finely chopped)
8g – Dry basil
30g – Fresh basil (finely chopped)
30g – Oyster Sauce
5g – Sugar
15g – Garlic (chopped)
20g – Onion (chopped)
5ml – Fish sauce
10ml – Light soya sauce
10ml – Cooking oil
6 – Iceberg Lettuce (to make the cups)

* Heat oil (on a high flame) in a Wok (a bowl-shaped frying pan) and add garlic, onion and fresh red chilli
* Toss until the garlic is cooked and add boneless chicken, toss well.
* Now add oyster sauce, fish sauce, light soya sauce, and sugar.
* Cook until chicken is done and water has dried out.
* Add dry basil, toss well, add fresh basil and remove it from the heat
* Now put the chicken filling in the lettuce leaves used as the cups.

[Tip: If you keep the lettuce cups in ice water in the fridge they will stay crisp. Drain well and dry with kitchen paper before using the leaves to fill in the filling]

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