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Zingo Star review: You will experience the grey area between pain and pleasure

Zingo Star serves it hot. However, the temperature part of things will be the last thing on your mind.

Zingo Star at Greater Kailash 2.

The menu at Zingo Star, newly opened in Greater Kailash 2’s M-Block market reads like a good book. The cast may have the same burgers, shakes, pizza of so many other settings, but the versions here have a host of interesting traits, er, ingredients. Plus there are hot wings. Available with 17 types of sauces. Everyone loves wings, right?

Being ‘wing’ men ourselves (in that we are somewhat of a connoisseur on that particular bit of the bird and not that we watched a certain sitcom), we decide to make it the mainstay of our meal. And like Ms. Monroe, we like it hot; the hotter the better being our particular predilection. And so we order a Party Wings Platter, comprising four wings each marinated in three types of sauces, two from the “Hot” section and one from the “Very Hot” section, which comes accompanied with caveats from both the menu and the servers and is named Pain 100%. While we assume we can handle any sort of heat the chefs care to throw at us, we order a Brown + Browner milkshake as a precaution. For carbs, we order a Hog Town Poutine.

Like in a Russian novel, the “Pain” comes first. Sullen crimson and crooked, the wings curl on the plate like some eldritch dragon; the semblance of a heat shimmer around them is merely illusory, we assure ourselves. A couple of seconds into the first bite, we find it more smoky than anything else, certainly not suicidal. As we open our mouth to scoff, we feel something trickling down our cheeks, which turn out to be tears. Before we can further puzzle this phenomenon, all our thoughts are obliterated by a flash of fire.

In between the lulls of the texturally textbook crispy tenderness, the wings’ spice crashes over in tidal waves. Gasping for breath, eyes streaming, we wade back in to slay the dragon. It’s a beautiful, terrible thing; a grey area between pleasure and pain. The milkshake, frosted and glutinous chocolate sedimented with crushed oreos, which helps quell the scorching wings, makes for our own song of fire and ice.


The other wings, swathed in Spicy Garlic and Jammin’ Jalapeno sauces are comparatively calmer without being anti-climatic. The latter, in particular, is quite piquant, leaving with you with a tingling on the lips, while the garlic wings make for plain ol’ good eatin’, as the rubes would put it.

Poutine, a dish originating in Quebec, is literally a mess of French (French-Canadian) fries, cheese and brown gravy. The Hot Town variant served here is a mouthwatering melange of the same smothered in slivered sausages and crispy bacon, perfect to pig out on. Which we do, with elan and lots of tissues.

Practically porcine ourselves now, we still delve into the dessert section, settling on the Hot Chocolate Fudge. The Zingo Star version is much like the old classic, apart from the addition of peanut brittle, and provides a happy ending to a fantastic meal. See what we did there? Like St George, we triumphed, but barely, and have to hand it to Zingo. They make the hottest wings in town.

Meal for Two: Rs 1500 (including taxes, excluding alcohol)
Address: M-80, Greater Kailash Part II. 4164 4646