Craving sugar but on a diet? No worries, try this Nutella banana ice-cream

Craving sugar but on a diet? No worries, try this Nutella banana ice-cream

The easy to prepare and will satisfy you completely and the best part, the calorie intake is not even 200. Rejoice!

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This Nutella banana ice-cream is all you need to tackle your sugar cravings in a healthy way. (Source: Alpha Fitness/ Facebook)

If you think all diet plans are boring and sad, you are wrong. There are ample choices out there which are healthy as well as tasty – the golden rule, as we all know, is to keep a check on the calorie count and keep yourself active. But it’s easier said than done. While dieting most of us crave for sweet delicacies, be it ice-creams, chocolates or any other dessert.

So, for all those times when you slip and have a craving for sugar, here is a perfect solution that will not come in the way of your diet plan. And guess what? It involves Nutella! The recipe is extremely easy to prepare and the calorie intake is less than 200.

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How to prepare this amazing dessert:
If you have bananas at home which are overiped and too soggy to consume, your problems are solved. Take those bananas and add your favourite Nutella to it. Blend it together in a food processer and freeze it. Voila! Your yummy Nutella banana ice cream is ready. Check out the full recipe below.


Tempting isn’t it? So, keep aside all your dieting woes and try out this super easy and hazelnutty ice-cream soon. Garnish it with some pistachios, almonds or chocolate chips and enjoy it.

How it’s good for you:
The benefits of having bananas are endless; the Potassium-rich fruit regulates blood pressure, maintains proper heart function and aids your weight-loss agenda. Chocolates are good too! Recently, studies showed that chocolates are healthy and they are a good source of antioxidants. Life is certainly getting better!

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