Much Ado About Nothing

Bohca, the new tapas bar in Khel Gaon’s Village Restaurant Complex, leaves much to be desired

Written by Damini Ralleigh | Published: July 6, 2017 1:13:28 am
Village Restaurant Complex Khel Gaon, 1982 Asian Games, Mediterranean dishes, Bohca, Food review, Food Indian express, Indian express, India news A non-vegetarian tapas platter; (Right) the interiors of Bohca

Bohca is the latest addition, after Tabula Beach and Arriba, to the Village Restaurant Complex in Khel Gaon. The complex was part of the city’s upgradation plans for the 1982 Asian Games and the hubbub surrounding this predominantly European tapas bar (with a few Mediterranean dishes), goads one into the direction of this relatively forgotten part of town. The large, overbearing doors of Bohca reveal a decked-out restaurant that barely keeps on the better side of tacky. Faux leather sofas, poor lighting and a raised DJ booth — all omens that a good meal may not be a-coming.

But a quick perusal through the menu reveals some truly appealing victuals — Truffled Mushroom Pate with Cacio Pepe, Patatas Bravas, Gambas Al Ajilo, Calibrian Pizzas, tabboulehs and ensaladas, and a paella (which was not available), among others. For dessert, there’s a cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Cake and Crème Catalana. Maybe we were too quick to judge. So, we settled for Spanakopita with Muhammara, a non-vegetarian tapas platter and Cerveza Carne De Vaca Tarts with a glass of sangria. All this, we thought, before diving into the mains.

The bracer, in more ways than one, arrived first. Thin slices of apple swam pretentiously in the diluted sangria. The Spanakopita that followed was a beautiful dish undone by the one-dimensional muhammara. The crisp and light Greek phyllo parcels holding the (underseasoned) spinach deserved a better prepared dip.

This done, we were presented with the large tapas platter comprising Polenta crusted chicken, Adabado chicken wings, Gambas al ajilo and Chilli caramel pork bites. All the meat was overdone. The prawns were rubbery, the chicken chewy and the pork bites were shrivelled and dry. It was, now, the turn of Cerveza Carne De Vaca Tarts to arrive. Instead of a beer-braised tenderloin and onion tart, we received two inch-thick tenderloin tournedos standing proudly atop mashed potatoes with spinach and mushrooms. Mixing up dishes is not just a teething issue, it also reflects on the receptiveness of your staff that could do better with a pen and pocket-diary. Anyway, we decided to dig in. Except, we couldn’t, for we were not using a battle axe.

Meal for two: Rs. 3,000 (with taxes)
Address: 3, The Village Restaurant Complex, Asiad Village, Khel Gaon Marg
Contact: 26497804

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