This artist uses coffee to create some amazing art work

The artist, Michael Breach, began creating coffee art while working late nights as a barista at hip Manhattan hotel.

New Delhi | Published: May 7, 2017 3:20:23 pm

coffee, coffee arts, designs made by coffee, barisart, indian express, indian express news How about starting your day with this cup of coffee? (Source: Baristart/Instagram)

Frothy and delicious, coffee is a favourite among many people. Be it summer or winter, it is always a good time to pour yourself a latte, mocha or a cup of chilled cold coffee to suit your taste. However, New York-based artist Michael Breach has a rather unique style when it comes to choosing his cup of coffee. Breach uses coffee as his canvas and espresso, steamed milk, and a toothpick as his tools instead of a paintbrush and easel. His Instagram account with the handle name baristart has around 70,000 followers at the time of writing, and is a treat to the eyes.

Here are some of his works.

Scenic beauty in a cup!

He also puts famous personalities on his coffee.

When was the last time Albert Einstein looked this edible?

Coffee and a sunny side up, anyone?

Or pizza and coffee?

According to his website, Breach began creating coffee art while working late nights as a barista at hip Manhattan hotel. When he had less work at hand, he passed the extra time perfecting his latte art, using espresso and milk. Though he began with simple designs, he gradually challenged himself with more complex and complicated images, ad invented a bunch of techniques and designs along the way.

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Needless to say, his customers love his artwork. “I drink for the caffeine and for the taste but, Mike Breach uses coffee to create amazing art,” one of his customers, Chelsea Clinton wrote on a post. While  another customer Katie Couric wrote, “Meet the Da Vinci of Barista coffee art! And make mine a double!” on Twitter.



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