Make this Iftar dessert that has all the goodness of dry fruits and milk

Make this Iftar dessert that has all the goodness of dry fruits and milk

Serve this makhana mewa kheer hot or cold.

The fox nut or makhana is what makes this kheer special. (Photo: Spoon Fork And Food)
The fox nut or makhana is what makes this kheer special. (Photo: Spoon Fork And Food)

Desserts and sweets play an important role while planning the Iftar menu. At my place, we often organise Iftar parties or get-togethers at home where our family friends and relatives gather to break their fast, pray together and then have dinner. So while planning the menu it’s important to keep a variety of snacks, savouries and sweets/desserts in mind.

I buy a range of dry fruits for the entire month of Ramadan followed by Eid-ul-Fitr. We make exotic desserts and sweets throughout the month and for that, we need to keep our pantry stocked with a huge variety of dry fruits. For past few years, Ramadan has been arriving in peak summers, hence it really becomes difficult at times to go out to the stores to purchase things while fasting. So online stores have made life simpler and easier.

One such online store that provides a huge variety of assorted dry fruits is Place of Origin. And yes, I did my shopping well in advance and stocked my pantry with all what I need.

A combination of fox nut (makhna) and assorted dry fruits when cooked with reduced milk makes an absolutely delightful and flavourful kheer or pudding. Makhane ki kheer is one of the most delectable kheer recipes that I learnt from my mother. The original recipe was passed down by my grandmother, who herself was an amazing chef (I call her chef because she had all the culinary knowledge and experience that is needed to be called a pro).


This recipe can be a brilliant addition to your Ramadan Iftar get together.

2l- Full fat milk
400g- Condensed milk
2 cups- Fox Nut (cleaned)
50g- Cashews
50g- Almonds
50g- Raisins
25g- Plain Pistachios
2 tbsp- Charoli / Chironji
1 tsp- Cardamom Powder
4 to 5 strands- Saffron
½ cup- Sugar (if required)
2 tbsp- Pure ghee
Dry or Fresh Rose Petals to garnish

* Take a clean chopping board and chop cashews, almonds and pistachios and keep aside.

* Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in wok and ghee roast the fox nuts lightly. Collect them in a bowl and keep aside.

* In the same wok, add remaining 1 tbsp of ghee and ghee roast the dry fruits (cashews, almonds, pistachios, chiroli and raisins). Collect them all in a separate bowl and keep aside.

* Heat the milk in a thick bottomed pan/vessel.

* Keep the flame high and boil the milk. Once the milk starts boiling add cardamom powder and reduce the flame.

* Cook until the milk reduces to half its consistency. Keep scraping the sides and collect the cream and add into the milk.

* Once the milk is reduced, add condensed milk and ghee roasted dry fruits, saffron strands and let it cook for another 10-12 mins on a low flame.

* When the milk starts to thicken, and looks pale yellow in colour, taste and adjust sugar if required. (I didn’t add sugar as the condensed milk gave sufficient sweetness to the kheer).

* Now add ghee roasted fox nuts and turn off the flames. The fox nuts will initially float on the surface as they take a little time to soak the milk and turn soggy.

* Add fried raisins right at the end, remove the vessel from the stove top, close the lid and allow it to cool.


* Once the kheer has cooled down, transfer it into serving bowls, garnish it with rose petals, some fried dry fruits and saffron strands (optional) and refrigerate it until chilled. Serve warm or chilled (as per your preference)