A 6ft bride: London-based designer creates a million-dollar wedding cake with diamonds and pearls

Debbie Wingham, a 36-year-old London-based designer has created a cake in the shape of an Arabic bride, worth $ 1 million. The cake which was pre-baked in Raffles Dubai was adorned with five flawless three-carat white diamonds all valued at $200k each and a 1000 pearls.

Written by Anjali Jha | New Delhi | Published: February 9, 2018 9:21:36 pm
Debbie Wingham, Debbie Wingham wedding cake, Debbie Wingham million-dollar wedding cake, Debbie Wingham $ 1 million wedding cake, Debbie Wingham 120kg wedding cake, wedding cake, expensive wedding cakes, indian express, indian express news Debbie Wingham creates a dreamy, life-sized wedding cake. (Source: Candy Queen Bee Baker/Facebook)

Weddings have become quite an extravagant affair and people happily spend on their big day – not just on wedding trousseaus, but on food as well. What if we tell you that a London-based designer has created a wedding cake that’s worth 1 million dollars?Debbie Wingham, unveiled a 6ft tall wedding cake at Dubai’s bride show, weighing a massive 120kg. Shaped in the form of a traditional Arabic bride, the cake was decked with five flawless three-carat white diamonds, each valued at £200,000, along with smaller stones on the head dress.

According to reports, the cake in the shape of a bride, complete with a hijab, engagement ring, lace and floral detail on the dress was pre-baked in Raffles Dubai. It was made using 1,000 eggs, 20kg of chocolate and 50kg of lace-textured fondant. Not just diamonds, it was also decorated with 1,000 pearls and 5,000 hand-cut flowers.

Wingham posted the pictures on her Facebook page and quoted, “The cake, which is worth a whopping $1 million, is shaped as an Arabian bride and is edible from head to toe. From the cake bride’s lace-textured dress, edible pearls and iced flowers, the elaborate six-foot tall dessert weighs over 220 pounds, and took more than 10 days to create. More than 5000 flowers, 1000 pearls, 110 pounds of fabric-like fondant and “five flawless three-carat white diamonds all valued at $200k each, along with VVS1 smaller stones,” which is the only portion of the cake that is inedible, the cake is a life-size masterpiece. The cake was unveiled at the BRIDE show in Dubai”.

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