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Expert shares the ‘mighty’ health benefits of kiwi

Not only the fruit, the peel is also beneficial. Find out all about it here!

kiwi, health benefitsKiwi is a good antioxidant (Source: Pexels)

Kiwi, a tropical fruit, is not only tangy and delicious but all comes packed with numerous health benefits.

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Highlighting the same, nutritionist Lovneet Batra recently took to Instagram to share the benefits of eating kiwis. “Known for its vibrant colour and refreshing taste, kiwi is a fruit loved by many. Although this tropical fruit is small, its health benefits are mighty,” she captioned the post.

Agreeing Dr Rachna Agarwal, a nutritionist, said, “It is one of the most nutritious fruit.” “Eating kiwi regularly can improve skin, reduce body fat, boost vision, and improve immunity. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is very beneficial for overall health,” she added.

She further said that the fruit is rich in potassium and thus, helps in regulating blood pressure besides maintaining haemoglobin levels because of its high folate content. “It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin K which helps in regulating blood clotting and calcium absorption,” she added.

However, Dr Agarwal told that the fruit should always be eaten fresh. “Also, it should not be heated as doing so will lead to a loss of nutrients like vitamin C,” she said.

Following are some other benefits that Loveneet Batra went on to list:

Boosts digestive health: Kiwi fruit stores a good amount of proteolytic enzyme actinidin, a protein-dissolving enzyme that improves the digestion of proteins and can help digest a meal — much like papain in papaya or bromelain in pineapple. “It facilitates smooth traffic through the digestive system,” she wrote.


Natural sleeping aid: Kiwi is a source of serotonin which helps to promote better sleep. The consumption of kiwi may also help in improving sleep onset and reducing the waking time after onset. “Kiwi consumption also provides relief from sleep disturbances. The peel of kiwi is a potent ingredient for the development of natural sleeping aids,” she shared.

Supports pregnant women’s health: Kiwi is a good source of folate (vitamin B6), which is beneficial for pregnant women because it helps in the development of the fetus, making it healthy. It is also considered to be good for growing children.

Good for bone health: Folate, magnesium, and vitamin E are all well represented in kiwi fruit, offering health benefits that range from bone formation. Vitamin K also has a potential role in bone mass building by promoting autotrophic activity in the bone.

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First published on: 22-07-2022 at 06:20:07 pm
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