VIDEO: Learn how to make Khichudi and Labda this Durga Puja

VIDEO: Learn how to make Khichudi and Labda this Durga Puja

Nothing beats the comfort of traditional food during Durga Puja. Topping the list would be Khichudi and Labda - the combination reminds us of home. Here's the recipe.

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Khichudi defines comfort food.

Durga Puja is all about pandal-hopping in your finest clothes and indulging in delicacies. While mutton and fish chops, Kolkata rolls and puchkas are always on the must-have list, nothing can beat the comfort of khichudi and labda, preferably with some mutton fry. Just in case you want to put on the chef’s hat, these recipes by Pritha Sen, food historian and consultant at Mustard, Mumbai might brighten your day.

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500g – Gobindo bhog rice
500g – Shona moong dal
2 – Caulifower
10 – Potatoes (optional)
200g – Green peas (shelled)
5 tbsp – Ginger paste
75g – Jeera powder
2 tbsp – Haldi powder
2 tbsp – Chilli powder
25g – Sliced ginger
1 tbsp – Whole jeera
5-6 – Whole green cardamom
2″ stick – Cinammon
4-5 – Bayleaf
1/2 tsp – Hing
1 cup – Fresh coconut slices
8-10 – Green chillies
250g – Cow milk ghee
1 tsp – Bengali garam masala powder
Refined oil for deep frying
2 tbsp – Sugar
Salt to taste


* Wash and soak rice for about an hour and drain.


* Dry roast moong dal to a uniform golden brown. Wash and keep soaked in warm water for an hour.

* Deep fry potatoes and cauliflower till three-quarters done and keep aside.

* Heat 100g ghee and add tempering of whole jeera, bay leaf, garam masalas and hing.

* Add the ginger paste and fry till aroma rises.

* Mix the haldi, chilli powder and jeera powder in water to make a paste and add to the ginger paste. Fry well till oil is released.

* Add the rice and dal and mix well with another 100g of ghee. Fry till every grain is well coated with the ghee. Now add triple the amount of water.

* Add salt to the water and mix well. Add the sugar and then add the ginger slices.

* Cook to a thick gruel consistency.

* In the rest of the ghee, fry the coconut slices to a golden.

* Add the coconut along with the ghee and the green chillies.

* Cover and take off the fire.

Watch the video here.

Labda (Mixed seasonal vegetables)


500g – Potatoes
500g – Pumpkin
500g – Ridge gourd
250g – Parwal
250g – Radish
250g – Ash gourd
500g – Brinjal
2kg roughly chopped: Leaves of seasonal greens like spinach and malabar spinach (Pui saag)
1 tbsp – Paanchphoron
4-5 – Bayleaf
4-5 – Whole dry chilli
4 tbsp – Ginger paste
3 tbsp – Coriander powder
2 tbsp – Chilli powder
2 tbsp – Fennel powder
8-10 – Green chillies
200g – Cow milk Ghee
1 cup (optional): Milk
Salt to taste
2 tbsp – Sugar


* Cut vegetables in big cubes.

* Retain the skin on the pumpkin, parwal and ridge gourd.

* Fry the brinjal golden and keep aside.

* Heat 100g of ghee.

* Add the paanch phoron, whole dry chillies and bayleaf.

* Add all the vegetables except for the greens and the brinjal.

* Fry on high heat for a few seconds.

* Add salt and then half the chopped greens.

* Add the ginger paste, coriander and chilli powders and keep frying on high heat for a few more seconds.

* Lower heat and cover and let it cook in its own steam.

* When vegetables are well done, add the rest of the greens and cook further to a mushy consistency.

* Add green chillies, the fennel powder, the brinjal and the rest of the ghee.

* Mix well.


* If vegetables have gotten a little dry, add the milk and mix.