Get CLICKIN’ to get your CHICKEN: KFC’s new button orders your food with just one click

KFC India has now introduced a 'one-click button' to let you order food from the closest restaurant. Clearly, this button is aimed at those who want their chicken regularly without getting into the hassle of a multi-step ordering process each time.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 31, 2017 6:05:40 pm
KFC India, KFC One Click button, KFC One Click, KFC instant food, KFC button, KFC button delivery KFC’s one-click button for those who want their fried chicken with just one click.

How much should food and technology mix? Of course, ordering food via an app sounds like peak convenience, but it looks like KFC decided to top that in India. After launching a gamer box, KFC India has now introduced a ‘one-click button’ to let you order food from the closest restaurant. Clearly, this is aimed at those who want food with least ordering trouble.

So, how does the KFC ‘one-click’ button work? It connects to the Wi-Fi in your home, office via your smartphone. While this is one side, the user has to choose from a pre-decided menu on the KFC website. The user has to enter the button id, create a password and then set up their favourite order list. Users can save their address as well and this will get linked to the button. Once the system is set in place, just one click of the button will send the request for an order to the closest restaurant.

Users then a get a message on their mobile phone asking them to confirm the order by sending SMS 1 to the said number. So, yes, if someone does press the button 100 times, and you’re worried about way too much KFC landing up, there is a way of ensuring this doesn’t happen.

Of course, the limitation here is you will need Wi-Fi at all times for the button to work. Thankfully, you can also update the ‘favourite’ menu by logging into the button section of the KFC website, as long as you remember the password. So far, you can only pay cash on delivery and an online payment option is not available.

For now, KFC says it will give out these buttons to some of their more dedicated fan base.

Let us know in the comments if you’d actually want a button to order food.  

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