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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

International Coffee Day 2017: 7 recipes to make you fall in love with a hot cup of joe

As the world gears up for the International Coffee Day this September 29, we bring some exquisite recipes to your table to celebrate the day with your perfect cup of happiness.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 1, 2017 3:10:03 pm
Coffee day, national coffee day, when is coffee day, recipes of coffee, coffee recipes, easy coffee recipes, easy to make coffee recipes, indian express, Indian express news Here is a list of seven easy coffee recipes that you can make at home. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

A steaming cup of coffee is all you need to add zing to a lazy day. Stirring up an aroma that lingers in your mind long after you’ve gulped the last sip, it gives an instant boost. Not only can you add sass to a cup of joe with cute little caricatures, you can also experiment with different varieties of the beverage. Espresso, macchiato, ristretto, latte or cappuccino — it comes in varieties and there’s one for everyone. You can also set the temperature of the drink as per your choice.

What really stands out is that everyone has their own way of making coffee. If you haven’t decided on your standard cup of coffee, here are seven splendid recipes to jazz up your mornings. The global celebration of the hot beverage is on October 1 each year, but it starts from September 29 — the National Coffee Day in USA — in many countries. As the world gears up for the International Coffee Day, we bring some exquisite recipes to your table to celebrate the day with your perfect cup of happiness.

Soya Cold Coffee

By ABC Reloaded, Hauz Khas Village

Give a little twist to your regular cold coffee by replacing milk with soya milk. This will give you a perfect blend of a healthy tasty drink.

(Source: Thinkstock Images)

2 tbsp — Coffee decoction
1 tsp — Sugar
2 tsp — Water
200 ml — Soya milk
1/2 cup — Ice cubes


* Beat sugar and coffee together.

* When it gets foamy, add milk.

* Mix and keep it in the refrigerator until it’s cool.

* Before serving, beat till frothy with an electric whipper or egg beater.

* Serve chilled and foamy.

Nutella Latte

By ABC Reloaded, Hauz Khas Village

Imagine mixing the two most devoured flavours — coffee and nutella — together. This recipe is a must try for all those who enjoy a little extra sweetness in their coffee.

(Source: Thinkstock Images)

1/2 cup — Filter coffee
3 tbsp — Nutella
1 tbsp — Sugar
3 tbsp — Whipped cream


* In a heavy bottom pot, add milk and bring to a boil on a medium flame. Add sugar and nutella to the milk and keep stirring.

* Add coffee and stir again. Bring to boil and remove from flame.

* If you have a blender, whisk the coffee to create froth. Pour into serving mugs and top with whipping cream.

Mocha Coffee

By ABC Reloaded, Hauz Khas Village

The irresistible aroma of mocha can be your addiction with a touch of nutmeg. Try this simple recipe that will leave you asking for more.

(Source: Thinkstock Images)

400 ml — Coffee
400 ml — Drinking chocolate
4 tbsp — Whipped cream
2 tsp — Nutmeg
2 tsp — Sugar


* Mix the coffee and chocolate in a pan and heat it.

* Flavour it with nutmeg and sugar.

* Then pour the drink in coffee cups and top it with whipped cream.

Cold Coffee with Ice Cream & Brownie

By Chef Vinay Thakur, Foreign Dhaba Bistro & Bar, Rajouri Garden 

There are many food items one can munch with coffee, but nothing beats ice cream and brownie. This recipe is not just your regular coffee cup but also a dessert in disguise.

250 ml — Milk
3 scoops — Vanilla ice cream
100 ml — Chocolate sauce
1.5 tsp — Coffee
1 piece — Brownie


* Pour cold milk in a jar.

* Add ice cream, chocolate sauce and coffee to it. Blend well.

* Take a tall glass, garnish it with chocolate sauce and pour the cold coffee from the jar to glass.

* Top it with brownie along with some fruits and chocolate sauce.

German Chocolate Cappuccino

By Chef Bunny Singh, Bombay Bar, Connaught Place

Make your coffee day perfect with a cup of German chocolate cappuccino. This recipe is a perfect blend of strong and sweet. If you’re catching up with old friends and want to serve them something special, you know which recipe to pick.

1 tbsp — Chocolate syrup
1 tbsp — Caramel syrup
1 tbsp — Coconut syrup
1/2 tbsp — Praline syrup
2 shots — Espresso (half steamed and half foamed)
To garnish — Chocolate shavings


* Combine all the syrups and add espresso in a medium-sized cup.

* Fill up the cup with the steamed half.

* Top with foamed half and sprinkle shaved chocolate.

* Ready to serve.

Irish Hazelnut Coffee

By Chef Bunny Singh, Bombay Bar, Connaught Place

Coffee day is an occasion to celebrate coffee as a beverage and Irish coffee is a beautiful choice to commemorate the day. Filled with the fresh aroma of coffee along with a slight touch of hazelnut and cream syrup, this drink is sure to make your day.

1 oz or 2 tbsp — Hazelnut
1 oz or 2 tbsp — Irish cream syrup
1 shot — Espresso
1 cup — Low fat steamed milk
1 cup — Foamed milk


* Get a 8 to 10 oz cup  and mix all the syrup with espresso.

* Fill the cup with steamed milk and top with small portion of foamed milk.

* Serve immediately.

Rum Praline Latter

By Chef Bunny Singh, Bombay Bar, Connaught Place

If you want to start your day with a heavy dose of cream and coffee, Rum Praline is your choice. This drink is a pure delight for coffee lovers and is sure to drive all your sleepy cells away.

1 oz or 2 tbsp — Rum and parline syrup
1 shot — Espresso
1 oz — Hazelnut syrup
1 cup — Steamed half-and-half
2 tbsp — Whipped cream


* Get a 8 to 10 oz cup or medium size and mix all the syrup with espresso.

* Fill the cup with steamed half-and-half and lastly top up with whipped cream.

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