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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to make a refreshing Betel Smack Mojito (It’s like drinking your favourite paan with a twist)

The Betel Smack Mojito is a refreshing and flavourful drink that gives you a taste of betel leaves and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth. 

By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 4, 2016 1:13:15 pm
This monsoon refresh yourself with this amazing Betel Smack Mojito cocktail. (Source: Talli Singh) This monsoon refresh yourself with this amazing Betel Smack Mojito cocktail. (Source: Talli Singh)

For people who are not a big fan of downing their liquor in its purest form, cocktails are the next best thing. Gone are the days when Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary or Daiquiri were the only good options available on the menu. Today, we are spoiled for choice and have an extensive range to select from – starting with ones that pay tribute to the local produce such as aam panna cocktail and imli cocktail to the more bizzare ones like pizza cocktail and camel milk cocktail. Not to forget the sour toe cocktail, which drinkers gulp down a drink with an amputated toe. Yuck!

We are not going to suggest anything as disgusting as this. No! Because we care. Instead, we discovered that Talli Singh in Gurgaon boasts of a menu of ‘wow’ cocktails and we asked them to share a recipe with us. They came up with this interesting Betel Smack Mojito recipe and it is definitely different than your regular cocktails. While many might still balk at the idea, we believe there’s no harm in trying out something new. If you can have paan hookah, then why not a cocktail and it is a hundred times better than having a sour toe cocktail, unless you have weird fetishes. So, on days when you are broke, enjoy this muddle drink at the comfort of your home.

45ml – Vodka
15ml – Sambuca
20g – Gulkund
1 – Betel leaf
15ml – Fresh lime Juice
10ml – Gomme syrup
Tall cocktail glass
Betel leaves to garnish

* Put all the ingredients in a cocktail glass and muddle it.

* Top it with ice and shake the cocktail shaker.

* Garnish it with betel leaves.

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