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Saturday, December 14, 2019

From Vietnamese Roll to Mango Cooler: Easy recipes to try this summer

Summers are the best time to indulge in foods which make you feel light and help you beat the heat. So enjoy these dishes and coolers with your friends and family this weekend.

Written by Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 13, 2019 1:58:42 pm
food, summer food, recipe, indian express Enjoy your weekend with these delicious food and drink recipes.

Summers can not only play spoilsport and force you to stay indoors, it can even mess with your diet and make you feel uneasy. Which is why, it is best to stick to foods and drinks which are easy on the stomach, and will also help you beat the scorching heat.

To make things easier for you, we have put together some food and drink recipes which are sure to make you feel better and leave you craving for more. So why wait, indulge in these easy recipes with your loved one over the weekend and have a yummy time!

Tzatziki with Crispy Pita by Chef Ranjan Rajani, Hotel Sahara Star

food, summer food, recipe, indian express Tzatziki with Crispy Pita


200g – Curd
50g – Cucumber
10g – Mint leaves
5g- Salt

For pita bread
1,000g – Flour
2g – Yeast
10g – Salt
10g – Sugar
25ml – Olive oil
450ml – Water

*Hung the curd in muslin cloth and remove all water from it.
*Peel cucumber and cut the cucumber in small brunoise.
*Chop mint leaves carefully, don’t allow to turn it black.
*Mix all ingredients and mix well to a smooth consistency.
*Mean while make a dough for pita bread mixing all ingredients.
*Roll it and bake in oven.
*Serve with tzatziki.

Vietnamese Summer Roll with Mango Salsa

recipe, summer recipe, food, indian express Vietnamese summer roll with mango salsa


10 – Rice roll sheets
100g – Cucumber
50g – Carrot
50g – Glass noodles
10g – Salt
5g – Pepper
10g – Coriander leaves
10g – Beans sprouts
10g – Red bell pepper
10g – Yellow bell pepper

For mango salsa
50g – Mango (diced)
150ml – Mango puree
5g – Green chilli
5g – Coriander leaves
2ml – Fish sauce
2ml – Tabasco sauce
2g – Red chilli flakes


*Julienne the cucumber, carrots, and bell peppers.
*Soak glass noodles and blanch in water; and then cool it.
*Soak rice sheets lightly in lukewarm water and place on cloth.
*Make all sheets like that and keep separate.
*Mix all the vegetables and glass noodles; season it properly.
*Roll this into cylindrical shaped sheets.
*Meanwhile, make mango salsa mixing all the ingredients.
*Serve and garnish with coriander.

Italian Blueberry Soda by Puneet Kaushal, bartender, The Deltin, Daman

food, summer food, recipe, indian express, drink Italian Blueberry Soda


60lm – Bluberry crush
30ml – Lime Juice
200ml – Club soda
Whipped cream to top

*Add blueberry crush over cubes of ice in Collins glass.
*Add a splash of lime juice and mix well.
*Add soda over ice.
*Top the class with whipped cream.
* To garnish, add frozen blueberries to the top creamy layer.

Mango N Lychee Cooler

food, summer food, recipe, indian express Mango n Lychee Cooler


120ml – Mango juice
120ml – Lychee juice
1/2 – Ginger
1/4 tsp – Crushed pepper
Salt To taste
2 – Whole lychees

*Put ice cubes in a jam jar glass. Put a splash of grenadine.
*Add salt over syrup and mix well to get taste.
*Put fresh mango juice stir well.
*Add few more cubes of ice. Then add lychee juice.
*Put crushed pepper on top and stir to mix.
*Garnish it with seasoned lychee on skewers.

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