From Espresso to Kahwa: Here’s how the world sips coffee

From Espresso to Kahwa: Here’s how the world sips coffee

From the Turkish Türk Kahvesi to Arabia's Kahwa, and from Italy's world famous Espresso to Ethiopia's must-try Buna here's how people around the world like to sip their daily dose of energy.

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Espresso, Buna, Kahwa and Irish coffee, here’s how people from different parts of the world like to have coffee.

Coffee is far more than just a beverage, it is indeed a tradition. The coffee culture around the globe is as diverse as flora and fauna. From the Turkish Türk Kahvesi to Arabia’s Kahwa, and from Italy’s world famous Espresso to Ethiopia’s must-try Buna, here’s how people around the world like to sip their daily dose of energy.

Italy’s Espresso

The best-known type of go-to coffee many of us rely on is the classic Espresso. This freshly brewed strong black coffee is what amuses Italians the most. Frappe or cappuccino belongs to their ‘later in the day’ choices.

Turkey’s Türk Kahvesi

The coffee choices of Turkish go well with their famous proverb, “Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love.” The basic idea is to brew your coffee thick in a copper vessel called cezve with a generous amount sugar.

Ethiopia’s Buna

The roots of origin of Buna that is, coffee, lie in Ethiopia, hence, it forms a vital part of their traditions and culture. Ethiopians serve coffee with butter and salt instead of sugar.


Saudi Arabia’s Kahwa

Arabs serve cardamom-flavoured coffee, Kahwa with dried dates in order to counter the bitterness of the strong coffee seeds.

Ireland’s Irish Coffee

Another type of coffee which has gained popularity around the world is the Irish coffee. However, the coffee that is served in the various coffee houses is far off from the traditional Irish coffee which is a blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar topped with whipped cream.

Mexico’s Café de Olla

A spiced up version of the regular coffee, café de olla is brewed with cinnamon sticks in earthenware pots.

Denmark’s Kaffee

One of the world’s highest coffee consuming nations, Denmark is certainly a coffee freak owing to its severely cold climate. There are several coffee shops on every nook and corner across the cities in Denmark that offer their own special types of coffee brewed in a number of different ways.