Foodi.e. Plates: Presenting the Vada Pao, Farzified

Foodi.e. Plates: Presenting the Vada Pao, Farzified

In this edition of Foodi.e., we overturn traditions to give the quintessential Vada Pao an illusionary twist.

Farzi Vada pao_759
The chef’s take on the Vada Pao, Farzified.

The word ‘Farzi’ has a lot of connotations. For Zorawar Kalra — founder-MD of Massive Restaurants, which operates Farzi Cafe — it simply meant illusion. After a trip to El Bulli in Spain in 2006, Kalra decided to reinvent the wheel, or Ashoka Chakra, when it came to Indian restaurants. Farzi opened in Gurgaon last year.

From vivid renderings of dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala (served in a tiered red telephone booth, a salute to the dish’s British origins) and Phirni oxidised with molecular gastronomic pizazz to fusions of maggi with scallops and a gigantic galouti stuffed into a burger, Farzi takes on Indian off like no other.

Its success is unprecedented. From becoming the most Instagram-able restaurant in the country, it also spread its wings to Dubai earlier this year. So, join us behind the swing door of one of the most exciting restaurants in the country as we, or rather the chef’s, take on the Vada Pao, Farzified. No illusions, we promise.

Click here for the recipe of Farzi’s take om the Vada Pao.