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Watch: Grooming coach’s video on ‘Indian dining etiquette’ leaves netizens fuming

The coach's suggestions didn't go down well netizens who slammed her for teaching people how to eat their own food

foodThe coach shared a video teaching how to eat rice in a proper way. (Source: Unsplash)

Indian food is one of the most loved and versatile cuisines in the world. From north to south and east to west — there are millions of regional dishes, each having a unique recipe. But its not just the dishes, the way Indian food is eaten is also given equal importance.

As such, many people relish eating their meals with their hands; a common practice across the country. Also, while eating foods like dal chawal , people mix the two together along with vegetables and other items like curd and pickles. According to grooming and etiquette coach Manik Kaur, one must refrain from doing so, especially in a “formal and semi-formal setting”.

According to Kaur, one must not pour curries, dal or rajma over the entire serving of rice, and should instead mix, one spoonful at a time. Additionally, she said that one can mix vegetables, but not more than two food items should be mixed together at once.

She also suggested not mixing curd with everything. “It can make people around you feel not so good,” she said. You can use your hands and fingers provided you aren’t messy, Kaur added.

As expected, the coach’s suggestions didn’t go down well with netizens, who slammed her for teaching people how to eat their own food.

“Dining etiquettes and it’s just the worst takes ever. Anybody who says never pour your dal over chawal has a weird superiority complex for no reason. The same with people who look down on eating rice with hands,” a user tweeted.

Another user said, “To hell with people teaching me food etiquettes – I’ll make a khichdi mixing whatever I want and eat howsoever I want and it’s nobody’s business!”

“Hate people who can’t stop pouring this etiquette gyan all over insta and keep making me feel I did it all wrong all my life ..enough!!” another person tweeted.

In part 1 of the series, Kaur had shared ‘dining etiquettes’ while eating a chapati. “Always keep the chapati folded in your plate. This makes place for accompaniments,” she said. Further, she suggested not using both hands while breaking a bite from chapati and using only the dominant hand.

“When you dip your hands in a curry, don’t use the same hand while serving yourself seconds,” she added.

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First published on: 21-01-2022 at 19:00 IST
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