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Dussehra 2017: Make your celebrations memorable with these delicious dessert recipes

Treat your loved ones to some mouth-watering desserts!

Dussehra celebrates the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana. Devotees all over India mark this joyous occasion by burning effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkarana (his brother), Meghnaada (his son) and exchanging sweets with each other. This Dussehra, try out these delectable desserts that will sweeten your festivities all the more.

Pearls Gulab Jamun Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream


100g – Maida
50g – Ice sugar
50g – Yellow butter
50g – Milk
1 piece – Gulab jamun
2 – Digestive biscuit
5g – Honey
5g – Butter
1 scoop – Vanilla ice cream
10g – Barrie’s crush


For the tart

* Take a bowl of maida, ice sugar, yellow butter and full cream milk and mix it well together to make a dough.


* Place the dough in tart moulds and bake for 6-8 minutes at 180 degrees. Take out the tart moulds carefully.

* Take another bowl and crush the digestive biscuits, yellow butter and honey and mix them together.

* Take a tart, make a bed of digestive biscuit mixture and place the Gulab Jamun on it.

* Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Doodh Pak


500ml – Milk
2 tbsp – Rice
1/2 cup – Sugar
2 – Cardamom crushed
A handful of almonds


* Boil 500ml of milk in a pan and add 2 tbsp rice to it.

* Cook for 30 minutes on low flame.

* Add 1/2 cup of sugar and stir until it dissolves.

* Add the crushed cardamoms and almonds to it.

* Pour the doodh pak in a bowl.

* Your dessert is now ready. Serve it warm.

Lemon Mascarpone Tart with Barrie’s

(Source: The Chatter House)

Ingredients ( for 4 portions)

250g – Mascarpone cheese
60ml – Lemon juice
125g – Ice sugar
5g – Blue barriers
20g – Strawberry crush
1 – Pineapple slice
5g – Whip cream
3g – Dark chocolate


* Take a bowl and add mascarpone cheese, lemon juice, ice sugar, and lemon juice to it.

* Place the mixture in a serving bowl or glass and keep it in the fridge for the next 40 minutes to set.

* Place barriers compote on top of the mixture before serving and garnish with caramelised pineapple slices and whipped cream.

Ravva Ladoo


1 cup – Coarse rava
1/3 cup – Coconut powder
1/4 cup – Clarified butter or ghee
2 tbsp – Crushed cashews
1 tbsp – Raisins
3/4 cup – Sugar
1/4 tbsp – Crushed cardamom
1/4 cup – Hot milk


* Take 1 tbsp clarified butter and roast the cashews in it.

* Stir continuously for 2 minutes until they turn golden brown.

* Add raisins and stir for half a minute until they are plump.

* Transfer the mix into a bowl.

* Use the same pan for roasting the rava in the remaining clarified butter.

* Fry at low-medium heat continuously for 6-7 minutes. It should turn light gold in colour.

* Add coconut powder to it and roast again for 2 minutes.

* Add the cardamom, nuts and sugar.

* Mix them well and add some hot milk slowly along the sides of the pan to moisten the mixture.

* Now you can use the mix to mould your ladoos.

Fig and passion Fruit Shrikhand

(Source: Chatter House)


70g – Hung curd
30ml – Passion fruit syrup
10ml – Honey
10g – Fig
20g – Green apple
2 piece – Almond (for garnish)


* Take a pan and reduce the passion fruit syrup, and honey together on low flame.

* Take another bowl, put some hung curd and syrup in it and mix it together.

* Take a serving bowl or glass and place the mixture into it. Keep it inside the fridge for the next 20 to 30 minutes and let it set.

* Sprinkle chopped figs and almonds on top and garnish with green apple on the side.

Vermicelli Halwa


3 tbsp – Ghee/butter
2 tbsp – Oil
A handful of cashews and raisins
1 cup – Vermicelli
2 cups – Water
1 cup – Sugar


* Heat 3 tbsp ghee/butter in a pan. Add 2 tbsp of oil to it.

* Fry the cashews in it until golden brown and add the raisins to it.

* Add the vermicelli and fry for about a minute on medium flame.

* Put it aside in a bowl.

* Boil two cups of water in a pan and add the fried vermicelli mixture to it.

* Cook it on medium flame until the excess water evaportaes.

* Add one cup sugar to it and cook on low flame until the sugar dissolves.

* Take the dessert off the flame and let it cool for 20 minutes.

* Your Vermicelli Halwa is now ready. Serve it warm.

Rabri or Basundi


1 litre – Full cream milk
1/2 Cup – Milk Powder
2 tbsp – Sugar
20 – Almonds (chopped)
20 – Cashews (chopped)
20 – Pistachios (chopped)
1/4 tbsp – Cardamon powder
25 threads – Saffron soaked in 1 tbsp of warm milk


* Pour milk in a heavy bottom kadhai and boil it.

* Lower the heat and add the cashews, almonds and pistachios to it.

* Stir continuously so as not to burn the milk.

* Heat the milk on low flame until the volume of the milk is reduced to half.

* Add cardamom powder and the saffron to it.

* Add milk powder, mix properly and cook for 10 minutes.

* Add the sugar and stir well.

* Turn off the flame and let the dessert cool.


* Your Rabri is now ready. Serve it warm and garnish with nuts.