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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Delicious dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth

Indulge in these delicious dessert recipes with your friends and family and have a sweet time!

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 23, 2019 2:29:08 pm
Financier with Orange Macaroon, dessert, dessert recipe, indian express, indian express news Which of these desserts would you like to try?

Most of us have a sweet tooth and desserts are our weakness. Be it a scoop of ice cream, a gooey cheesecake or a small piece of mithai – no meal feels complete without a mouthful of our favourite sweet. To add some sweetness to your day, we have put together some recipes by Chef Devendra Bungla, corporate pastry chef, Hyatt Regency Delhi. Give them a try, you are sure to love them.

Mango Creme Brûlée

Mango Cream brûlée, dessert, dessert recipe, indian express, indian express news Mango Creme Brûlée


250g – Milk full cream
375ml – Cream Amul pack
250kg – Mango puree
100g – Sugar
12 – Egg yolks

*Mix all the ingredients together in a steal pot and cook on slow fire so that the sugar dissolves.
*Clear the froth, and put the mixture in a small butter dish.
*Bake at 160© for 25 to 30 minutes on a water bath. Don’t over bake.
*Remove from oven and wait for it to cool down.
*Sprinkle sugar over the creme brulee and fire with gas torch till caramelised; then serve.

Raspberry Crumble Éclair

Raspberry Crumble Eclair, dessert, dessert recipe, indian express Raspberry Crumble Eclair


250ml – Water
200g – Butter
250ml – Milk
5g – Salt
10g – Sugar
300g – Flour
9 – Eggs

Crumble topping
200g – Butter
225g – Sugar
275g – Flour
Raspberry colour as required

Vanilla Chantilly (Filling)
50g – Full cream milk
50g – Sugar
½ – Vanilla bean
7.5g – Melted gelatin
100g – Mascarpone cheese
450g – Elle & Vire cream
50g – Raspberry jam
200g – Vanilla Chantilly


*Mix butter, sugar and flour together and add colour.
*Let it rest for one hour, and then roll the dough thin and keep it in the fridge.

*Boil milk, water and butter in a sauce pan.
*Add flour, salt and sugar to this mixture and keep whisking till it achieves a dough-like consistency.
*Remove from the fire, add eggs gradually.
*Pipe out éclair and cover with crumble dough.
*Bake at 200 degrees for 18 to 20 min.

Vanilla Chantilly:
*Boil milk, sugar, and vanilla and remove from heat.
*Add melted gelatin, mascarpone cheese and Elle & Vire liquid cream cream.
*Mix properly and keep in the chiller overnight.
*Take out vanilla chantilly, whip the mixture till it is fluffy and then add raspberry jam and fill in the éclairs.
*Bake at 180 C for 25 minutes.

Financier with Orange Macaroon

Financier with Orange Macaroon, dessert, dessert recipe, indian express, indian express news Financier with Orange Macaroons


350g – Clarify butter
500g – Icing Sugar
350g – Egg white
200g – Almond powder
150g – Flour

Orange macaroon
90g – Eggs white
180g – Sugar
112g – Almond powder
Orange colour as required

Macaroon filling
125g – Butter
37g – Icing sugar
2 – Egg yolk
37ml – Milk
Orange zest (to taste)


*Take a pan and put 500 gms butter and cook until the butter is clarified and brown in color; then strain.
*Keep it aside to cool down.
*Mix all the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl with egg white. Add clarify butter and mix well.
*Put in the fridge for two hours.
*Take out from the fridge and put the mix the mold.
*Bake at 180 C for 25 minutes.

*Take egg white and sugar in a bowl.
*Warm it on a double boiler till the sugar gets completely dissolved.
*Whisk it on machine till peak consistency appears.
*Add colour and essence of desired choice.
*Add finely sliced almonds in this mixture.
*Remove air from the mixture by mixing with hands.
*Make a smooth mix and leave it in a bowl for 10 minutes.
*Pipe out the macrons on silicon sheet.
*Bake at 135C for 20 to 22 minutes.
*Ready to garnish on financier.

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