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How about some scrumptious lachha parathas for dinner tonight? (with a healthy twist)

A winter favourite, parathas may be called the luxurious variants of the humble roti which is more commonly prepared across households.

laccha-paratha-1200Read on to know how you can make flakey lachha parathas at home. (Source: Chef Meghna/Instagram)

A ubiquitous part of breakfasts, school lunches, hearty family get-togethers under the warm winter sun and everything in between, parathas are at the heart of the great Indian appetite.

A winter favourite, they may be called the luxurious variants of the humble roti, which is more commonly prepared across households. The flatbread is typically made using a myriad of ingredients including a choice of vegetables and protein.

However, lachha parathas are a special kind– soft, flakey and featuring layers, these parathas are the perfect accompaniment to Indian curries. Usually made with refined all-purpose flour or maida, they are not the healthiest options on the block.

As such, when Chef Meghna took to Instagram to share her recipe of lachha parathas made with wholewheat flour, we couldn’t help but notice! “Recipe is simple, the trick is in how you roll it and then cook parathas on medium heat”, she advised.

Take a look at the video here:

Here’s the detailed recipe and instructions to make the flakiest lachha parathas ever.


*1.5 cup Wheat Flour (gehu ka atta) + more to roll parathas
*Salt according to taste
*1 tbsp oil + more to roast the parathas
*Water (to knead dough)
*Some melted ghee
*Coriander and butter (to garnish)


*In a mixing bowl, take 1.5 cup wheat flour (gehu ka atta).
*Add salt and a tablespoon of oil, add water and gradually knead a soft dough.
*Apply some oil on the surface of the dough and rest for 30 minutes.
*Roll out a few balls from the dough prepared
*Dust some dry flour on the kitchen platform. Then, take a dough ball and roll it thin with the help of a rolling pin
*Brush some melted ghee on it, dust some dry flour on the surface and gently hold the paratha from one side.
*Lift it from one side by bringing the corners together (you will get pleats on it like a paper fan)
*Roll the pleated dough in a tight circle, then dust dry flour and again roll it with a rolling pin.

How to roast the parathas


*Place paratha on the pan
*Dry roast from both sides on medium heat and then drizzle oil as required.
*Roast until it’s golden-brown from both sides and top with some coriander leaves and butter.

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First published on: 26-03-2022 at 08:50:23 pm
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