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Monday, March 30, 2020

Cooking is a child’s play for him: This 16-year-old chef is a YouTube sensation

How many of us know exactly what we want to do in our lives at the age of 12? Yaman Agarwal, a kid from Hyderabad has established his niche in eggless baking without oven.

Written by Parmita Uniyal | New Delhi | Updated: August 7, 2014 5:32:33 pm
yaman-main Yaman Agarwal is an inspiration for young cooking talent

How many of us know exactly what we want to do in our lives at the age of 12? Yaman Agarwal, a kid from Hyderabad was fascinated about food since that age, and was happy watching YouTube food videos until one day he could take it no more and asked his sister – “Mujhe bhi recipe banane ka man karta hai.” (I want to make recipes too) He was 14 at that time.

He started with a simple sweet corn recipe and uploaded it on Youtube. Encouraged by 13 views in 12 hrs, which is meagre if you compare it to the 3 million views that he’s getting today, two years down the line, at the age of 16. “But in the beginning, it was enough to encourage me to make many more recipes,” Yaman smiles looking back.

His YouTube channel Cooking Shooking that started in April 2012 today boasts of 149 videos and over 20k subscribers apart from the 3 million views.

So what is it that makes him so popular?

Well, Yaman has established his niche in eggless bakery items without the use of microwave. So if microwave is not your preferred companion and you don’t have eggs, but love cakes, you can subscribe right away.

“Things picked up in August when I made Janmashtami special. Then I started to make festival special recipes like Diwali,” recalls Yaman.

“August is lucky for me,” says the teenager, adding, “it changed things for me. Today is also special for me, I’m addressing my first press conference.” (smiles ear to ear)

“So coming back to recipes, I wanted to make something different for the Independence Day. So I thought of making a halwa with three colours. But then the idea of making Tiranga cake cropped up. The topping is in three colours and if you cut the cake, then also it’s comes out in three colours.”

See the video;

As you must have seen in the video, the young lad isn’t shy in admitting his mistakes while cooking and share it with the viewers so that they are careful while making the recipe at home. He also shares all the tips/tricks/secrets that he knows in his videos, which is rare for a chef.

His videos are long enough – 14-15 minutes for someone to understand the knitty-gritty of cooking. Even a novice can follow the steps and feel confident

His favourite recipe remains Black Forest which his father requested him to make one day.

“My father asked me to make something for him and I decided to make his favourite Black Forest cake. And it is the top recipe till date. It got around 6.5 lakh views,” says Yaman.

See the video:

Yaman’s recipes target even those who think making cakes was not their cup of tea.

“It’s a popular belief that we can’t bake cakes without microwave or for that matter eggs. Back then, say in 1920’s, when we didn’t have ovens, we used cookers to bake,” says the young chef.

According to Yaman there are two things that are important for baking without microwave – Salt and Cooker. “Take a cooker and spread a layer of salt before putting the stand. The salt will spread heat, without burning the bottom of your cake. Microwave does the same thing.”

While Yaman is already sounding like a professional, we wonder if studies is at all part of his daily routine. “Yes, after doing everything, I’ve 1.5 hrs for my studies daily,” says Yaman who now sounds like a kid again. His father, who is sitting on a little distance from him, confirms what he’s saying.

All we can say is – Hats off to the little superchef!

Yaman’s most popular videos

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