Chef’s Choice: Wood oven baked Kolkata Bekti recipe

This dish can also be served with a side portion of sprouted black grams and soaked yellow lentil salad.

Updated: December 29, 2014 6:12:05 pm
recipe-main Wood oven baked Kolkata Bekti recipe

By Subroto Goswami

Wood oven baked Kolkata Bekti


Kolkata Bekti Steak (240 gms)
Olive oil (20 mls)
Pommery mustard (2 gms)
Galangal paste (3gms)
Garlic juice (1 ml)
Salt (5 gms)
Freshly Crushed black pepper (6 gms)
Fresh Pomegranate juice (100 ml)
New baby Potatoes (40 gms)
Chili Flakes (2 gms)
Bengal Lime (01 no)

* Marinate the Kolkata Bekti with lime juice, mustard, galangal paste, garlic juice, salt and crushed pepper properly.

* Fire the wood fired oven and bring the temperature till about 200 degree centigrade.

* Boil the pomegranate juice and prepare a reduction, cool and keep aside.

* Boil the new potatoes along with the skin after thoroughly washing them in running water to get rid of any soil or dirt.

* Heat a pan and put little olive oil, when sufficiently hot sear the marinated fish steak.

* Just after searing the steak, put it in oven and cook for about eight minutes reducing the temperature to 120 degree Celsius after three minutes.

* Stir fry the potatoes meanwhile with some salt and chili flakes. Add the chili flakes later so that it does not burn.

* Once the fish is cooked remove from oven and serve hot with the potatoes and drizzle the fish with the reduced pomegranate juice.

* You can also serve a slice of lemon on the side.

* This dish can also be served with a side portion of sprouted black grams and soaked yellow lentil salad.

About the Chef

chef-200Chef Subroto Goswami, the new Executive Chef for The Lalit New Delhi is a well-known name in the hospitality industry.

With an experience of over 25 years Chef Goswami has worked with some of the best brands in the industry.

Chef Subroto Goswami specializes in Italian and Indian (new age) cuisines. His passion for food has made him one of the renowned chefs of our country. Being a perfectionist, he has been on a constant effort for innovation and creativity. His flavours are an inspiration from his learning from all over India and the world, having worked with brands like The Oberoi, Hyatt Regency, Trident and Radisson Blu across India.

Holding a prestigious Diploma in Hotel Management from IHM Kolkata and Kitchen Training programme from The Oberoi School of Hotel Management (now known as Oberoi Center of Learning & Development) he likes to pursue his hobbies like trekking & photography in leisure time.

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