You can now enjoy a 24-carat gold foil icecream for Rs 1000 in Mumbai

You can now enjoy a 24-carat gold foil icecream for Rs 1000 in Mumbai

In a bid to jazz up their menu and add some bling to it, an ice-cream parlour in Mumbai, Huber & Holly, has come up with a version of their own gold plated food - coating gourmet icecreams with 24-carat pure gold foil. 

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You can now have gold plated icecream in Mumbai. (Source: Instagram/Huber&Holly)

Right from sushi and chicken wings to chocolate, dusting food with gold is the latest edible food trend welcomed by chefs and restaurants around the globe. Keeping up with the trend, Huber & Holly, an ice-cream parlour in Mumbai, has added some bling to their menu.

Taking to Instagram, the company posted a picture of their gold plated ice cream and captioned the food saying, “All that glitters may not always be gold, but in this case, it’s tough to argue otherwise. The Mighty Midas is made up of 17 incredible elements and is topped with real 24k gold foil. It is now available at #HuberandHolly in #Juhu as well. Get your gold fix today!”

Another post said, “@huberandholly is a flagship dessert cafe of @havmoricecreams and recently launched The Might Midas at their Juhu outlet made up of 24 carat gold flakes for 1000 bucks only. Made up of 17 ingredients like brownies, caramelised almonds, nutty pralines etc, this is a great deal in itself and a treat to our taste buds. So give it a try and you would love it too.”

As per a report in NDTV, “The ice-cream contains a waffle cone that is filled with brownie bits, caramelised almonds, nutty praline, crushed choco-hazelnut balls, a generous helping of hot fudge, three scoops of dark Belgian chocolate ice-cream, chocolate spheres filled with hot fudge, hazelnut chocolate spheres, a swirl of golden chocolate ice-cream, a caramel chocolate bar topped with gold flakes, pipette filled with passion fruit juice, a raspberry macaron and much more”.

Called the Might Midas, this ice cream is available at the Huber & Holly outlets in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad as well.