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Zumba vs aerobics: Know the benefits to decide which suits you best

"Zumba and aerobics, both help in improving your quality of life with better body vitals and social life as you’ll meet new people and expand your social circle during the online/offline group classes," said Amaresh Ojha, business head, RoundGlass Gympik

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Physical inactivity is a variable risk factor for various ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer (colon and breast), obesity, high blood pressure, bone, and joint diseases (osteoporosis and osteoarthritis), and depression.

According to several pieces of research conducted and published, there is indisputable evidence that regular physical activity works as a key factor in the prevention of various chronic diseases and is related to a reduction in the risk of premature death. “There seems to be a hierarchical linear relationship between physical activity and health status, so those who do more physical activity have the lowest risk. Additionally, it is interesting to note that when people with the worst physical condition start physical activity, their health condition improves the most,” said Amaresh Ojha, business head, RoundGlass Gympik.

But some people do not like lifting heavy weights or going to the gym. For them, the perfect way to keep the body active can be through Zumba or aerobics. But to decide on whether to opt for Zumba or aerobics can be tricky. Therefore, take a look at the benefits of both forms of exercises to know which one suits you best.


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Zumba is a form of dance exercise. Its movements are inspired by various styles of Latin American dances and is performed with music. It has become a popular and fashionable way of exercising all over the world. But is it effective in burning calories, strengthening arms, and sculpting muscles?

Benefits of Zumba.

*This is a full-body exercise: It is designed to combine salsa and aerobics. There is no right or wrong while doing Zumba. As long as you move with the beat of the music, you are participating in the practice.

*You will burn calories: A study published in PubMed in 2012 found that a 39-minute Zumba class burns an average of 9.5 calories per minute. A 12-week Zumba program can significantly improve aerobic fitness.

*You will build stamina: Dancing on fast rhythmic beats helps in building flexibility, improve cardiovascular fitness, and stamina. It helps in developing a stable heart rate and decreases systolic blood pressure.



During any aerobic activity, your breathing and heart rate will increase. Aerobic exercise helps maintain a healthy heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Aerobic exercise is different from anaerobic exercise. While anaerobic exercise, like weightlifting or sprinting, requires a quick burst of energy, aerobic exercises are done for a long time. Aerobics consists of walking, swimming, running, cycling, jumping rope, using an elliptical trainer, etc.

Benefits of aerobics

*Enhances cardiovascular conditioning: Aerobics is exceptionally helpful in improving your cardiovascular health. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of heart diseases and maintains body blood pressure levels.


*Increases high-density lipoproteins or “good” cholesterol: Aerobics is a helpful way of maintaining body cholesterol levels. It increases body metabolism and boosts your HDL cholesterol levels.

*Controls blood sugar levels and helps in reducing weight: Diabetic patients must practice aerobics as it helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and also in reducing weight.

“Other than the above benefits Zumba and Aerobics, both help in improving your quality of life with better body vitals and social life as you’ll meet new people and expand your social circle during the online/offline group classes,” said Ojha.

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