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Monday, November 30, 2020

WATCH: Namrata Purohit gives tips on how to get a strong core using stability ball

Celebrity fitness trainer, Namrata Purohit, shared a video on her Instagram page recently, showing how to scale up your workout regime with a stability ball. Check out the video here.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | July 31, 2018 8:04:57 pm
Namrata Purohit, Namrata Purohit fitness, Namrata Purohit latest videos, Namrata Purohit Pilates, Namrata Purohit Pilates videos, Namrata Purohit stability ball, indian express, indian express news Namrata Purohit shows how to work on a stability ball. (Designed by Nidhi Mishra/ Indian Express)

Most of us are on the lookout for an effective solution to get a toned body. While a change in diet can surely help your cause, there’s nothing like a good workout to really give you those enviably toned muscles. Celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit, recently, shared a workout video on her Instagram page, which shows the Pilates expert using a stability ball to strengthen her core.

It is the secret ingredient in your workout that can help to develop core muscles, protect joints and give optimum muscle building benefits. Watch the video here.

Stability Ball Jackknife

The first move that Purohit undertakes is the Jackknife, where she gets into a high Plank position and bends her knees.

Benefits: This exercise aids in crunching the abs and strengthening the hip flexors.

Hamstring curl

Next, she practises a hamstring curl, in which she lies on the floor and stretches her glutes. Holding the ball stable all the while makes the exertion more challenging.

Benefits: Works on the hamstrings and glutes while also strengthening the core.

Stability Ball V-Pass

Lying flat on her back, she attempts a V-pass, in which she bends her abs to assume a V-position with her arms and legs.

Benefits: This works the core and engages the inner thighs and arms as well.

These basic moves can be undertaken to work on that strong core.

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