VIDEO: Yasmin Karachiwala’s tips for a slim waist and strong shoulders with Corkscrew Pilates

Yasmin Karachiwala shows how to work-up Pilates to strengthen your shoulders and neck, and tone your abdominal muscles to get a slim waistline with the 'Corkscrew' workout. Check out some videos here.

Written by Ishita Goel | New Delhi | Published: March 11, 2018 6:15:49 pm
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If you’re looking for a workout that will strengthen your neck and shoulders, tone the abdominal muscles and give you a slim waistline, then Pilates has the answer for you. The Corkscrew is a Pilates exercise that can be done on a mat and requires a lot of effort. It’s better to start the work-up with some preparation so that can slowly build up to doing the Corkscrew properly and without any danger to yourself.

Yasmin Karachiwala, who is the fitness trainer behind Bollywood beauties like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif has some pointers on how one can get this workout right. According to Karachiwala, the prep version of Corkscrew is called the Windshield Wiper and here’s how one can get the right posture for it.

* Both the shoulder blades should be kept firmly on the ground as you lift up the hips.
* You can press your arms into the ground to give support to your body.
* Lift up your hips and swing your legs in a semi-circular arc. Don’t arch your back and go only as low as you can maintain a neutral spine.
* Try to keep your knees as straight as possible.

Watch the video here.

The Corkscrew stretch is designed to work on pelvic stability, shoulder stability, oblique muscles and hip mobility. It protects the lower back and strengthens the core muscles. It also helps reverse the harmful strain of sitting for an extended length of time.

In a series of videos posted online, Karachiwala shows how to do Pilates the right way so as to avoid injury and also make the workout effective. In this video, the instructor shows how to work on your balance with an “Open Leg Rocker”.

The Spine stretch is a great way to work on abdominal muscles, spinal articulation and developing core control.

Inspired to try these exercises on your own? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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