Varun Dhawan tries dry needle therapy; know all about this muscle pain relief procedure

"The treatment is patient-specific. The therapist does patient selection depending on the pain history, the assessment, and evaluation," said Dr Richa Kulkarni

Find out if dry needle therapy works for you like for Varun Dhawan. (Source: Varun Dhawan/Instagram)

Pain management can be extremely tricky, especially for those involved in sports and athletics or any activity which makes them prone to injuries. While there are many pain relief measures and medicines one can try, one that is known to be effective is dry needle therapy wherein tiny needles are used to prick the affected area or ‘trigger point’ of the body.

As such, Coolie No 1 actor Varun Dhawan also shared an Instagram Story in which he can be seen trying the dry needle therapy on his thigh.

Take a look.

Varun Dhawandid dry needle therapy; know how it helps. (Source: Varun Dhawan/Instagram Stories)

What is the therapy all about?

Dry needling is a “modern invasive therapy” primarily focused on treating fibromyalgia, for pain management, muscle strain etc. “The procedure is done by pricking a number of small needles in the affected area or ‘trigger point’ of the body. These injected needles create an inflammatory response and pain is relieved. Sometimes even steroids are injected through these needles to treat the pain,” Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma, director, Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram told

How does it help?

Dr Richa Kulkarni, sports physiotherapist, and founder, Dr Richa’s Kinesis said that the procedure besides pain relief helps in improving flexibility, increasing joint range of motion, improving blood circulation, and reducing stiffness.

“That’s why it is mostly used for sports athletes to treat injuries and muscle pain but these days it is also often used in individuals who suffer from chronic pain or those who develop trigger points in their bodies,” Dr Kulkarni told

Are there any side effects?

Mild side effects are experienced sometimes, mentioned Dr Kulkarni. These include mild bruising, bleeding, and temporary soreness.

What does one need to be cautious about?

“If non-sterile needles are used, then patient is at risk for infection,” warned Dr Kulkarni.

Is it similar to acupuncture?

According to Dr Kulkarni, dry needling unlike acupuncture is directly done on the trigger points (muscle knots) which can “give an immediate pain relief sensation”.

How many times one can undertake the therapy?

The number of needles and follow-ups sessions entirely depend upon the evaluation of the therapist, said Dr Verma. “As far as the efficacy is concerned it is effective and there is no/minimal side effects of this therapy if done correctly by a skilled therapist,” he said.

Is it for everyone?

No, it is not for everyone. “The treatment or the technique is patient-specific. The therapist does the patient selection depending on the pain history, the assessment, and evaluation,” noted Dr Kulkarni.

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