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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Skipping a workout session? Only do it when your body shows any of these signs

The key is not push the buttons too hard and end up getting severely exhausted.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 1, 2019 5:14:58 pm
gym, working out, health, skipping gym, indian express, indian express news Staying physically active must not cost you your health and wellness. Know when to skip a class. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Staying physically active is an essential aspect of healthy living. Especially, in this chilly Decembers, when lassitude sets in. While snuggling under the blanket may seem too tempting, you must push yourself and go the extra mile, regardless of the weather. But, there are times, when the body just isn’t willing to exercise, and not because of occasional laziness, but because it is feeling under the weather. You must always find ways to listen to your body, and not overdo your workout. As such, watch out for these signs and take some time off. Read on.

Running a fever

The changing weather is synonymous with common cold and flu. If you think you are running a fever, skip the gym class, please. Your body deserves a downtime, too, and fever is just its way of telling you that it has already got a lot on its plate. By attempting to exercise, you may put yourself under more stress. Avoid it.

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If you are already recuperating from an injury, avoid going to the gym — especially if it is without your doctor’s knowledge and/or consultation. Give your body the time it needs to heal. By hitting the gym, you face the risk of a new injury or the aggravating of the existing one. You can try meditating, or doing some yoga asanas at home instead.

Being sore

This may seem counter-intuitive because fitness enthusiasts suggest moving around is good as it helps with the flow of blood and oxygen in the muscles. A full-fledged workout, however, must be avoided. It puts unnecessary stress on the muscles that could use some rest. Again, you can try gentle stretching exercises and yoga at home.

Being active already

This could entail having participated in a major event lately, like a marathon or a long trek, or being physically active by indulging in other forms of exercises like brisk walking, dancing and doing yoga on the regular. When you participate in these activities, you are not required to do the additional task of lifting weights.

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A surgery

This should be obvious. When you have had a surgery, you must wait for a while, till your body nurses itself back to health. There is no urgency to immediately hit the gym. You must consult with your doctor before you start exercising. Remember, regardless of whether it was a minor or a major procedure, give your body the recovery time.

Remember, the key is not push the buttons too hard and get exhausted. Enjoy your daily workout routine, but also know when to take some time off.

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