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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Shruti Haasan gives us lessons in hula hoop; here’s how you could benefit

Seek some fitness inspiration from Shruti Haasan; here's how you can learn to hula hoop.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 25, 2020 10:58:11 am
hula hoop, hula hooping,, indianexpress, anxiety, stress, shruti haasan, shruti haasan workout, fitness goals, hula hoop benefits, hooping benefits, how to hula hoop, shruti haasan pics, shruti haasan news, Shruti Haasan gives us major fitness goals with the hula hoop. (Source: Shruti Haasan/Instagram;designed by Gargi Singh)

If you are bored of innumerable exercises that have stopped showing benefits, it is time to take up something new and keep your fitness quotient high. But what? The lockdown has given us a good opportunity to explore hobbies or activities that we wouldn’t otherwise. One such is the hula hoop. And giving us some mid-week inspiration to try it out is none other than Kamal Haasan’s daughter and actor Shruti Haasan. Amid her various baking and cooking experiments, she found time to give us a tutorial on how to get started with the hula hoop.

Take a look!

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Here it is by popular demand 😂

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Here’s what she had to say in the video. “Hula hoop tutorial. Here it is by popular demand,” she said.

Further, she demonstrated how to do it.

In case, you have been wondering why should you do it, here’s the reason.

Hooping is an excellent form of exercise for the entire body, which not only helps burn calories and lose weight around the mid-section, but also tones the muscles of the core for a slim and strong waist.

It is considered beneficial for improving cardiovascular health.

The focus needed also works out the mind and helps fight stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins.

Here’s how to start hooping

*Stand up straight and tall and keep the spine straight. Try to gather your thoughts and concentrate on how your body feels at that moment.
*One must keep their legs as straight as possible as any movement in the knees or below the waist can result in drawing the hoop downward. When you first spin right around the waist, be conscious of your movements, while keeping your spine straight.
*When the hoop makes contact with the front of the body, lean forward to give it a push. But when it touches the back, pulse backward to keep the momentum going.
*While your body may naturally tend to try and move the waist in a circular motion, just focus on moving forward and backward.

Tips to ace the hula hoop

*Choose a bigger hoop. The bigger the size, the slower it will rotate around the waist which gives the body time to adapt to the constant movement.
*Hula hooping is all about rhythm. Choosing the right music that you like and which goes with the movement is known to do the trick.
*Try making a video of yourself hula hooping. This helps to observe whether you are doing it right and make corrections in movement accordingly.
*Since it requires a lot of muscle memory, the muscles start to get used to the movement which makes it easier in the long run.
*Rather than rushing in to perfect it at the first go, enjoy the process and the journey. It will come to you at its own pace.

Ready for some fun? 

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