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Increase flexibility with this easy yoga asana, like Shilpa Shetty

Stretch your body often, says Shilpa Shetty. Perform this easy asana on a regular basis to increase flexibility.

flexibility, yoga pose,, indianexpress, Janu Sirshasana, Janu Sirshasana benefits, Janu Sirshasana yoga pose, Janu Sirshasana shilpa shetty, fitness goals, how to do Janu Sirshasana Shilpa Shetty shows how the Head to Knee pose is good for you. (Source: Shilpa Shetty/Instagram; designed by Gargi Singh)

While yoga as a way of life is known to be extremely beneficial in improving the overall body structure, it is equally known to help the individual pain points in the body, just like the cogs in the wheel contribute to the smooth functioning of a vehicle. Flexibility and stability in body movements is one such result of practicing yoga on an everyday basis. Giving us a glimpse into one of the pertinent stretches that can be practiced by anyone at anytime and anywhere is none other than actor and fitness aficionado Shilpa Shetty Kundra.


The 44-year-old, who was captured practising Janu Sirsasana or Head to Knee Forward Bend, shared how the flexibility of the body matters and this pose is one of the best to improve it.

“It’s important to stretch and flex the muscles often, to prepare the body, safeguarding our bodies from injuries and for the activities we take on. It could be cleaning and decluttering the house, or preparing for the daily fitness routine. I love this one, the Janu Sirsasana. It increases flexibility in the spine, abdomen, and back muscles, while strengthening the stomach muscles. It also improves the function of the intestines and boosts the digestion process. The best part is that I can practice it anytime, anywhere. Try it and the more you practice the better you get. How did you start your day today?” she remarked.

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Here’s how the pose is to be performed

*First start in Dandasana with both legs outstretched in front of you.
*Bend your left knee. Bring the sole of the left foot to the right inner thigh.
*Square the torso over the extended right leg. Bring the torso down to the leg by tipping the pelvis forward so that the bend initiates from the hips instead of the lower back.
*Keep the right foot flexed while pressing the back of the right thigh down toward the floor.
*Once the maximum forward bending limit is reached, you can either maintain a straight spine and long neck in an active position, or you can relax the heart and head down toward the extended leg, allowing the spine to round.
*If the hands reach your foot, hold the foot. If not, you may hold on to your ankle or calf, or place your hands on the floor wherever they reach.
*The trick is to extend the spine long on each inhale. On each exhale, deepen the forward bend.
*Stay in the position for five to 10 breaths and then straighten both legs, shake them out, and repeat for the other side.

Here’s how the pose helps

*The yoga pose, besides building flexibility in the body when practised on a regular basis, helps in relieving tight hamstrings, shoulders, hips and groin.
*It is also known to work on anxiety and mild depression.
*The pose helps stimulate liver and kidneys.
*It improves digestion.
*It relieves the symptoms of menopause.

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So, are you all set? 

First published on: 13-06-2020 at 10:20 IST
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