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Shamita Shetty on following ‘weird diets’ for weight loss, her insecurities: ‘I stopped wearing sleeveless for a long time’

Shamita, who was seen in Bigg Boss OTT and later on Bigg Boss 15, also opened up about suffering depression in a candid chat with sister Shilpa Shetty Kundra

shamita shettyShamita Shetty revealed a bit about her fitness journey in a chat with Shilpa Shetty (Source: Shamita Shetty/Instagram)

Shamita Shetty recently opened up about her fitness journey, and her battle with depression in a candid chat with sister and actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra on her show Shape of You.

The Mohabbatein actor confessed that she used to follow diets to lose weight. “My fitness journey started from Mohabbatein. At that time, when I left college, I remember I used to go on these weird diets. Back then, I just wanted to lose weight but had no idea about the correct way of dieting or healthy eating. It took me time to understand what works for my body… You don’t just look good because of workouts, you also feel much better,” she said.

Shamita stressed that she soon realised the need to add variety to her workouts and diet. “Everyone has a different body type. It’s not necessary that what works for me would work for you, too. As I got older, I started realising that whatever I was doing before was not working for my body any more. I had to reinvent my workout. I also got bored of the same type of workout, and the body also stops reacting. It is when you shock the body and introduce a new kind of workout, or introduce a new type of diet, you see a change in your body,” she added.

On being asked how she starts her day, Shamita said, “I start my day with two glasses of warm water because I feel it really gets the organs started for the day ahead. It helps cleanse. Then I have a fruit, and my black tea or coffee,” she shared.

Shamita, who eats gluten-free food owing to her medical conditions — irritable bowel syndrome and colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) — said that such a diet, “has definitely helped my medical issue”. “I was in constant pain. After trying this, I have realised it works for my intestines because they say wheat is difficult to digest for the body,” she said.

Shedding light on her insecurities, Shamita also shared that she still “check my arms, and stomach fat”. “I stopped wearing sleeveless for a long time. Now, I don’t care but I sub consciously still touch my arms and stomach when I wake up every morning,” she said.

Shamita, who was seen in Bigg Boss OTT and later on Bigg Boss 15, also opened up about suffering depression. ““Personally speaking, when I went through that phase, I did not even know I was in depression. I could not understand why I behaved or felt in a particular way. I felt lost all the time.”


She added, “I was dating someone at the time and he told me ‘I think there is something wrong’. People have to own up to the fact (that they are in depression), when they are going through the phase. Families’ support at the time is very important. To people who do not have that support from families, I’d say, please do something for yourself. Seek help. ”

Shamita also said that fighting depression is not a one-time battle but a continuous one. “And, it is not as if you overcome depression and it cannot ever happen again. For me, I have to be aware everyday, I look for signs everyday. I make conscious efforts to not do things that would take me back to it again.”

The sisters who are often seen working out confessed that Shamita is “more competitive” when it comes to workouts compared to anyone else in the family.

“I run away from the gym whenever she comes in,” Shilpa shared with a laugh.

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First published on: 26-04-2022 at 14:10 IST
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