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PM Narendra Modi practices Yoga Nidra; here are its benefits

Talking about the benefits of Yoga Nidra, PM Modi said, "It furthers overall well-being, relaxes the mind, reduces stress and anxiety."

narendra modi, yoga Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed he practises Yoga Nidra once or twice a week. (Source: Getty Images, image designed by Gargi Singh)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently tweeted, “Whenever I get time, I practice Yoga Nidra once or twice a week.” Talking about its benefits, he added, “It furthers overall well-being, relaxes the mind, reduces stress and anxiety.” PM He also shared a video that shows how you can meditate for Yoga Nidra.


What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a form of yogic sleep induced by guided meditation. For this, one rests comfortably in Savasana (corpse pose) as the meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five sheaths which compose our personality: Annamaya kosha, Pranamaya kosha, Manamaya kosha, Vijnanamaya kosha, Anandamaya kosha) making you feel a sense of wholeness, according to yogainternational.com.

This form of yoga is easy to follow and can be practised by people of all ages.

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How to practise Yoga Nidra

After you lie down in Savasana, all you need to do is to follow the voice guiding you, as in the video. Gradually, you are likely to feel relaxed as you release excess tension from your body. As the body relaxes, you might feel sleepy but it is important to remain alert and be aware of your body and breath throughout the session. Do not try to suppress the emotions and sensations you feel in the body, welcome them instead. Be aware of the most distant sounds that you hear. As you finish the practise, transition back to being awake completely and reorienting yourself with your surroundings. Reflect on the experience and try to incorporate the feeling into your everyday life, mentions yogajournal.com.

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Benefits of Yoga Nidra

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As PM Modi mentioned in his tweet, Yoga Nidra induces a sense of deep relaxation. It allows you a space to confront pent-up emotions — which prevent the unification of the five koshas — and work on releasing them. In the process, it relieves stress and promotes better health.

First published on: 01-04-2020 at 13:20 IST
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