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Stretch those shoulders, deltoids, triceps and lats like Nikita Dutta

Nikita Dutta shares an easy exercise that everyone can do while at work

nikita dutta fitnessTake a break and stretch like Nikita Dutta. (Source: Nikita Dutta/Instagram; Karan Sarnaik)

With the pandemic forcing many to work from home, experts have noticed an increase in people experiencing neck and back pain along with shoulder tightness. Such discomfort is usually a result of lack of movement owing to a sedentary lifestyle or not maintaining proper posture. The best way to deal with the same is to squeeze in some activity even while working.

So, if you are looking for some simple stretches to manage similar pain, here’s some help from actor Nikita Dutta. The fitness enthusiast recently shared a picture in which she is showing how one can do a simple arms-twist exercise to open up the shoulder blades.

Take a look!

How to do it?

*Externally rotate the upper arm, internally rotate the bottom arm, and clasp your hands together at the back, explained Nikita.

What are the benefits?

It helps stretch the shoulders, deltoids, triceps and lats.

Other benefits

Since it helps to open up the chest and hips, it is a good pose for those who sit all day at work. Besides, it is a centering and calming pose.

Things to keep in mind

*Keep your spine in alignment.
*While the hands are clasped, do not stick the ribs out.
*Avoid rounding your back
*Try to spread your collarbones.


However, if you have chronic neck or shoulder pain, avoid the pose.

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First published on: 11-08-2021 at 09:10:31 am
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