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Fitness trainer shares the ‘best tool for fat loss’

"These are the most effective way of increasing BMR (body metabolic rate)," wrote Farhan Khan, who trains celebrities like Nakuul Mehta and Drashti Dhami

gymDoes your fitness routine include these exercises for weight loss? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Focused on losing weight, many people focus on one type of exercise, often forgetting that an effective fitness routine must be a combination of strength and intensive exercises — which also help speed up the process of losing calories. Stressing on the need for such a routine, fitness trainer Farhan Khan — who trains celebrities like Nakuul Mehta and Drashti Dhami — took to Instagram to list the “best tools for fat loss“.

According to him,

– Weight training
High intensity interval training (HIIT)

“These are the most effective way of increasing BMR or body metabolic rate,” Khan said.

What exercises can you do?

Reverse lunges in combination with bicep hammer curls

Benefits: Since the reverse lunge is a unilateral structural movement, it is considered to be beneficial for those who suffer from knee issues, and also helps in strengthening of knee and hip joints. It plays an important role in development and stabilisation of core muscles. Bicep hammer curls are an isolation movement, which means they help in the toning of hands and strengthening of bicep muscles.

Lateral side walk with resistance

Benefits: Lateral side walks with resistance are an excellent workout for strengthening of core and gluteal group of muscles. This workout is intense and should be performed by those who have no knee problems.

Weighted sit-ups in combination with squats

Benefits: Strengthening of core muscles enables us to maintain upright posture while walking, running, or doing any day-to-day work. Sit-ups are functional movement and can be performed by any age group.

Medicine ball pass

Masaba Gupta practising with a medicine ball (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

Benefits: The muscles involved in this workouts are obliques, which are spiral muscles guarding our vital organs. Obliques enables the body to perform rotational side-to-side movements.

Copenhagen side plank

Benefits: In Copenhagen plank, one foot is placed on an elevation and the other is placed on the ground with the body sideways on either side with one palm on the ground and other towards the ceiling. Copenhagen planks are an isometric workout.


Single leg Bentover dumbell row

Benefits: Back muscles are the second largest group of muscles in our body. All the functional movements like bending forward and lifting of heavy weights off the ground are possible only if the back muscles are developed and strong enough.

Plate swings

Benefits: Plate swing are functional movement exercise and helps in strengthening of core (stabilising muscles)

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First published on: 02-09-2022 at 19:00 IST
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