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Mr India 2019 bodybuilding title holder on why post-workout nutrition is essential

"Consuming the right nutrients post-workout is as important as what you eat before," said Vikram Jadhav, Indian fitness model and coach, who won the title of Mr India in bodybuilding in the year 2019

katrina kaifPost-workout nutrition is immensely essential (Source: Katrina Kaif/Instagram)

With a whole lot of emphasis on workout nutrition, many tend to eat too much post workout, or too many dense calories, instead of opting for a well-balanced nutritive diet. According to Mr India 2019 bodybuilding title holder, Vikram Jadhav, who is also a fitness coach, post-workout nutrition is as much important as pre-workout nutrition.

“Consuming the right nutrients post-workout is as important as what you eat before,” he said listing down reasons why such nutrition makes a difference.

Why is a post-workout meal important?

*Decreases muscles protein breakdown

*Increases muscles protein synthesis

*Restores glycogen stores

*Enhances recovery

What should your post-workout diet include?

Protein helps repair and build muscles

Ingesting 20-40 grams of protein seems to maximise the body’s ability to recover after exercise

Carbs help with recovery

Consuming 0.5-0.7 grams of carbs per pound (1.1-1.5 grams/kg) of body weight within 30 minutes after training helps proper glycogen resynthesis.

Fat is not that bad

Whole milk is more effective at promoting muscle growth after a workout than skimmed milk

Quick and easy post-workout meals

*Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and rice

*Oatmeal, whey protein, banana, and almonds

*Egg omelette with avocado spread on whole grain bread

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First published on: 30-10-2022 at 19:10 IST
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