WATCH: Katrina Kaif takes workouts up a notch with resistance bands

WATCH: Katrina Kaif takes workouts up a notch with resistance bands

Katrina Kaif and Yasmin Karachiwala were seen working out with resistance bands in their latest video. They are easy to work with, relatively safe and combine a variety of exercises. Find out more reasons why you can use them too.

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Katrina Kaif and Yasmin Karachiwala work out with resistance bands. (Designed by Nidhi Mishra/ Indian Express)

Do you like working out at home? Though many of the equipment that you can avail yourself of at the gym might not be so easily accessible at home, incorporating the likes of resistance bands can raise the bar in your workouts.

Resistance bands are versatile, effective, convenient and easy to carry. Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, who works with Bollywood beauties like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif, recently shared a video on her Instagram account, where she was seen training with Kaif using resistance bands.

The actor’s workout included three exercises, namely, squat and overhead press, squat and lateral flye, and squat and star. If you’re thinking how resistance bands can make your workouts more effective, here are some benefits and exercises for your perusal.

* Resistance bands are usually used with strength training exercises. If one stands on one end of the cord and curls the arm up while holding the other end, a modification of a dumbbell bicep curl can be performed.


* If you are doing the overhead press, then it works on your shoulder muscles like anterior, medial and posterior deltoids, biceps and triceps brachii.

* Resistance bands can give a work up to almost every muscle group in the body and many exercise possibilities can be explored with it.

* They can be combined with other equipment and make your workout more effective. Using a band while performing a dumbbell bicep curl can give you the benefits of both.

* Doing a flye will focus on anterior and medial deltoids. It also engages the trapezius, triceps and the latissimus dorsi as stabiliser muscles.

* Resistance bands are relatively safer and the risk of injury is also comparatively lesser, so one can easily use them alone, without a trainer or partner to spot them out.

* If one wants to make the workout more challenging, the star posture with the leg lifts will make balancing more strenuous and will work the entire lateral side of the body.

* Since they require very small storage space, one can carry them on the go and not have to compromise their exercise schedule.

Watch the video here.

Here’s a video of Karachiwala showing how to work out effectively with a resistance band.

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