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Monday, March 08, 2021

Watch: 5 simple yoga asanas you can do with a partner or family member

International Yoga Day 2020: Working out with a partner is known to have many benefits, from strengthening bond to helping each other stay healthy.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |
June 21, 2020 10:50:54 am
international yoga day, partner yoga International Yoga Day 2020: Do boat pose with your partner. (Source: getty images)

International Yoga Day 2020: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating “yoga at home” and “yoga with family” as the theme for International Yoga Day 2020 to maintain social distance in the times of coronavirus pandemic, it is a good opportunity to take a step towards being fitter by performing yoga asanas with your partner or family members. Working out with a partner is known to have many benefits, from strengthening bond to helping each other stay healthy. Here are some simple yoga asanas to do with a partner:


This is an easy cross-legged sitting pose that strengthens the muscles of the back and improves body posture while reducing stress, according to

How to do with partner

Sit back-to-back in Sukhasana with you and your partner facing opposite sides. The partners can then try inhaling and exhaling together, or inhale as the partner exhales. This can be followed by the sun-moon breath body link, that is, inhale as you take your arms down next to the hips and gradually lift them upwards and bring them down to do a “Namaste” close to your chest.


Navasana or boat pose is a seated yoga asana that strengthens abdominal and core muscles. It also works the deep hip flexors, according to

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How to do with partner

Sit in front of each other with your knees bent and your fingers interlaced with each other outside the knees. Now lift one leg so that your feet is touching sole to sole. Do the same with the other leg and straighten both legs upwards, to form the letter ‘A’ when viewed from the side.

Adho Mukha-Urdhva Mukha Sukhasana

These are backbend poses that stretch the spine while energising and rejuvenating the body, according to The asanas are combined and slightly modified in case of partner yoga.

How to do with partner

Sit back-to-back in Sukhasana. Extend your arms overhead and hold your partner’s hands. One partner leans forward, gently pulling the other’s arms forward and up to bring him or her into a gentle backbend.

Baddha Konasana

Also known as the Throne pose or Butterfly pose, this seated yoga asana stimulates the ovaries, abdominal muscles, prostate gland, bladder and kidneys, according to It stretches the inner thigh, groin and knees while improving general circulation.

How to do with partner

Sit with your back touching that of the partner, facing opposite directions. As you exhale, pull your heels towards your pelvis. Press the soles of your feet together, and your knees out to the sides. Each partner then extends both hands backwards to reach the thigh of the other. Hold the position and breathe.


This is commonly known as the tree pose. It is a standing balance pose that strengthens the legs and core while stretching inner thighs and groin muscles. It also enhances concentration and peace of mind.

How to do with partner

Stand next to each other facing the same side. Now one partner lifts the right foot while the other lifts the left foot off the floor, balancing the body weight on the other foot. Fold the knee of the leg you lifted and press the foot on to the other leg’s inner thigh. Meanwhile, raise the hand on your partner’s side upwards so that your palms touch. Keep your hands straight.

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