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Monday, July 04, 2022

How to find your motivation and embrace your fears: Fitness trainer Kris Gethin explains

In his book, Bollywood By Design, one of the world's most celebrated fitness trainer Kris Gethin, explains that "Motivation is an evocative word - something that we try to see in ourselves and may disparage others for lacking."

Written by Abhimanyu Chakravorty | New Delhi |
Updated: September 25, 2015 3:47:40 pm
Book cover of Bollywood By Design published by OM Books International.

It’s easy to criticise others for lacking motivation to finish a particular task. But in this negative process, we fail to understand that motivation is a relative term and what it means to the other person. What motivates me may not work for you and vice versa. Self-discovery and self-motivation is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s not easily realised. Rebuking people for not doing what they set out to do is perhaps the wrong approach. Everyone has motivation, they just don’t see it clearly.

In his book, Bollywood By Design, one of the world’s most celebrated fitness trainer Kris Gethin, explains that “Motivation is an evocative word – something that we try to see in ourselves and may disparage others for lacking. But when we really think about it, everyone is motivated – just by different things and in different ways.”

Gethin is the director of trainers for Physique Elite, who transformed Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Imran Khan and Karan Johar. This book sets out to simplify and demonstrate how people can experience transformational success in just 10 weeks. He contextualises the transformation process to suit the Indian audience.


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Most importantly, Gethin brings into sharp focus the meaning behind the loaded word ‘motivation’. “In a world with so much background noise, it can be difficult, almost impossible, to start every single day with your hopes and dreams at the forefront of your mind. Instead you find your judgement clouded by yesterday’s work, today’s quandaries and tomorrow’s challenges,” says Gethin.

In the face of such complexity and everyday stress, it’s natural to lose sight of what we want in the long run. Instead of pursuing a set goal, we become obsessed with achieving the false ones. “The classic example is materialism,” says Gethin. “We still hanker after a new pair of shoes, a second car or a latest smartphone – everything that would bring us temporary respite from our daily woes.”

While the author doesn’t disregard everything we buy as unnecessary, he points out that “buying things should never take center stage in your motivation. Things are easily taken away as they are given. It all begins with your motivation.”

For the sake of clarity, Gethin has named motivation as your ‘Source’. “Your Source”, he says, “is at your core and drives everything that you do. It doesn’t fade when the hard times come, or wither when you are tired, because it is you.” The biggest change to the path towards motivation will be mental. This is when we discard distractions and isolate ambitions. “Each transformation I have undertaken has helped me lift myself to a higher level of consciousness and understanding of where I want to go and who I am,” says Gethin.

What’s vital to all of us is the self-realisation that our ‘Source’ will be our reason for existence. “The question might be asked whether you need to know your Source in order to be driven by it or if the search for your Source is drive enough. I find both equally powerful. And far more important is the commitment to the journey in the first place, says Gethin.

Here are a few stepping stones on the path to transformation:

-Finding what really motivates us is our search for our Source. Everyone is motivated, just in different ways by different things.
-Some people know their Source instinctively. Others will discover it along the way. What’s important is that when you discover it, you put it at the center of your life.
-Consider what aspects of your life contribute to things that actually make you happy. What are you wasting your energy and life pursuing that brings you only momentary ecstasy?
-Keep your Source at the forefront of all your actions, If you haven’t found it yet, be open to it and if you can clear the clutter from your mind, it will emerge.

According to Gethin, identifying your hopes and ambitions as a starting point can be tough. Sometimes that takes many of us a lifetime, thanks to all the background noise that keep pushing us along paths we don’t really care for. He suggests some simple steps to identify and unravel what brings you happiness:

“Consider for a second how the various components of your life fit together. Look back over the path you’ve taken. Through education, through a career, through family and friends. How did you get here? What were the elements that pulled you one way or another? Was it money? And if so, did it make you happy when you got it, or was happiness fleeting? Was it a relationship that tugged at your heart and left you making unwise decisions?”

For Gethin, it was alcohol that gave him momentary joy, but it faded quickly leaving him with a sense of unfulfilled potential. That’s when he put other things at the forefront of his life that helped him realise his burning desire.

Do this to keep in sync with your Source:

-Exert absolute control from day 1.
-Don’t soak up negativity of those who doubt your integrity- take it as a compliment.
-Share your transformation with those around you. Help them understand why you’re embarking on and why.
-Don’t cheat. Don’t kid yourself. Give everything and you’ll get results.
-Embrace fear. If you can harness it, you’ll have a secret weapon in your armoury that will get you to your goals quicker.

Most of all, Gethin says, “ensure that you remain diligent to your goals. If you fail, it should hurt. It should evoke a feeling that you don’t want to repeat.”

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