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Want to master the handstand push-up? Follow this simple drill

Handstand pushups may take years to perfect for some but that shouldn't stop you from practicing them

handstand, handstand pushups, how to do handstands, neha agarwalla, fitness goals, indianexpress, Here’s a simple drill to master the handstand pushup. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

The trick to mastering fitness postures lies in capitalising on the body’s innate strength and progressing gradually. This applies to any form of fitness, including inversions. To ace inversion postures, it is important to build strength in the shoulders. If that is what you have been trying to achieve, you are at the right place!

Fitness trainer Neha Agarwalla let us on a secret – an effective drill to master handstand pushups with ease.

Called by many names including vertical pushups, inverted pushups or commandos, handstand push-ups test the body’s ability to do push-ups in an inverted position. It is considered an effective way to build the shoulder muscles, upper body, and core as well as glutes, provided there are no previous injury concerns. In fact, handstand pushups also help when you are trying to perfect the push-up.

However, if you have been struggling with this essential exercise, you may like to try the drill.

Take a look!

She shared that while handstands require constant practice to be mastered by amateurs, those who have done it numerous times also need to continue to flex their shoulder muscles to keep improving. “If you’ve reached the point where you can kick up into a handstand and have tried handstand pushups but they felt too hard or you lack the strength to go below a certain point, this is a great drill I learned from @coachlusoul. I haven’t been practicing handstand pushups much so these have definitely gotten harder,” she said.

“It’s very hard to cheat the movement in this drill and you’re forced to actually press out of that deadstop position,” she said.

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How to perform?


*Start with two abmats or pillows. Attempt the handstand by starting in a downward dog position.
*Lower yourself down as much as possible so that your forehead nearly touches the abmat or pillow.
*Keep your abs tight and your shoulders pulled back.
*The elbows should be held inward, close to the sides.
*Push yourself back up in the starting position.

Pro tips

*Initially start with two abmats/pillows. As and when you become comfortable, you can remove one and make it harder.
*Handstand pushups are a skill that takes years for some people to perfect. But you will never get better at them if you don’t start practicing.

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First published on: 26-02-2021 at 09:10:44 am
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