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Karan Singh Grover shows how to build your core with this workout

Have you tried out this advanced workout for toning your abs?

abs workout, indianexpress.com, indianexpress, abs wheel workout, karan singh grover fitness, fitness goals, core workout, Are you working out your core muscles enough? (Source: Karan Singh Grover/Instagram; designed by Gargi Singh)

Fitness experts stress on the need to work out one’s core muscles to get optimum results. Working out the core requires tremendous stamina and strength and is also the best way to work out the entire body. After all, a strong core translates into a strong frame. While there are several core engaging exercises, one of the most challenging yet effective workouts is the abs wheel rollout. The small, sturdy abs wheel roller, which comprises a rod with handles, helps a practitioner to do moving planks that engage the core muscles and reduce the risk of injury. The equipment, when used the right way, helps build the entire core group muscles including the abs, obliques, and muscles in the lower back extending all the way up to the glutes.

We spotted actor Karan Singh Grover use the fitness tool and show us how to ace the core strengthening exercise with proper technique.

How is it effective?

Since the primary muscles worked out are the abs or rectus abdominis, abs wheel rollout helps tone the upper half of the body including chest, shoulders, and triceps as well as the sides.

However, ab rollouts are also about synchronised movements as one needs to exert control from the hip flexors all the way up to the shoulders. On top of that, the practitioner has only the handles of the wheel for support which makes it an even more challenging workout.

“Ab roller is a wonderful tool that, if used properly, can engage the entire core group of muscles which includes your abs, obliques and muscles in the lower back extending all the way towards the glutes. Ab roll outs can engage the abs multiple times more than the standalone abs exercises such as crunches, etc. and are definitely more useful when it comes to developing those muscles,” Rishabh Telang, fitness expert, cure.fit told indianexpress.com.

How to use the tool if you are a beginner?

People should be aware of how to effectively progress into a full rollout. They can start with a regular plank, progressing to a plank walk out and then start using the equipment to challenge the muscles further,” suggested Telang.


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How to do the workout with proper technique?

*Kneel on the floor and grasp the wheel handles of the roller.
*Place the wheel on the floor beneath the shoulders and, with the arms and a straight back, slowly roll the wheel forward.
*Repeat as many times as possible.

Pro tips

*Keep the elbows as straight as possible throughout the exercise.
*Keep the abs contracted and avoid arching the back.
*Roll forward as much as possible with a straight torso. Use the abs and not the hips to pull yourself back into the starting position.

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First published on: 26-08-2020 at 10:50:43 am
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