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Can’t sleep? Here are a few yoga poses which helps you fall in sleep

From Savasana to Viparita Karani try these yoga poses to help you dose off to sleep.

Wake up fresh by bringing your sleep cycle back on track. (Photo: Getty)

With lockdown being extended and most of us losing the count of days, we all can come to agree  that we have also lost out on our sleep cycle. Nights and days, no more can be differentiated and it is possibly one of the main reasons why we might be having vividly weird dreams . Ahead, take a look at these 5 yoga poses that help you fall asleep.

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Child’s pose or Balasana. (Photo: Getty)

This is very effective when it comes to helping you fall asleep. Simply, rest your chest and your belly on a firm pillow. Make sure your butt touches your ankles and stretch your hands as much as you can. Focus your breathing while you are in this pose for a good 30 seconds. Repeat after every 15 seconds.

Happy baby or Ananda Balasana

Practice these poses regularly. (Photo: Getty)

A great pose which works wonders for period cramps and abdominal discomfort, simply begin by bringing your knees as close to your chest and ensuring your tailbone is touching the mattress. Rock back and forth to massage your spine or simply stay in this position for a minute, this relieves stress and helps you go to sleep.

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Reclining butterfly or Supta Baddha Konasana

woman doing leg stretching, in a butterfly pose. (Photo: Getty)

This pose helps the body shift into the resting pose. Comparatively, a well-known yoga pose, begin by lying own on your bed on your back and bring your feet together by playing out your knees eventually looking like a diamond shape. Put a cushion under each knee for maximum comfort, do this yoga pose for at least a minute.

Legs up the wall pose or Viparita Karani

This yoga poses has numerous benefits. (Photo: Getty)

This yoga pose helps you relieve stress and is effective in helping you relax post work. Stay in this pose for a good five minutes keeping your legs straight and touching the wall for balance. Use a soothing pillow and while you are in this position, focus on breathing with your eyes closed.

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Corpse pose or Savasana

The easiest among the lot, begin with this yoga pose. (Photo: Getty)

The best way to go about it is by placing a pillow under your thighs for maximum comfort which aids the process of sleeping. Simply open your legs wide and place your hands on the side. You can also rest your hands on your stomach. Focus on breathing and keep your jaw and torso relaxed.

First published on: 03-05-2020 at 16:15 IST
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