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‘Size really doesn’t matter, what matters is health’: Ankita Konwar shares powerful note on body positivity

"I have been blessed with good health for years now because I have been consciously putting an effort to stay healthy" she shared

ankita konwar, what to do for mental health, ankita konwar body positivity, does size matter, positive messages,, indianexpress,Ankita Konwar on understanding your body and celebrating it. (Source: Ankita Konwar/Instagram)

“It’s amazing to see so many people finally talking about how size doesn’t matter,” writes Ankita Konwar in her recent Instagram post, highlighting how people are gradually celebrating themselves and their bodies — paving way for body positivity.

Size really doesn’t matter but what matters is health. Health to enjoy every other aspect of our lives,” the fitness enthusiast, who is married to supermodel Milind Soman, continued.

According to the 29-year-old, health manifests itself in different ways.

*To be healthy physically – so that we can do all that we wish to and more.
*To be healthy mentally- so that we can see beyond the dark days (yes, everyone has those)
*And to be healthy spiritually- so that we can understand and flow through life as it is.

“I have been blessed with good health for years now because I have been consciously putting an effort to stay healthy. It’s a learning process and every day, I’m learning something new. May you also prioritise what’s important to you and enjoy life as it’s supposed to,” she added.

Here’s how you can prioritise your health

According to certified yoga expert Nishtha Bijlani, it is important to start gradually, and not push oneself too much.

*Form a routine and stick to it.
*Avoid eating foods that don’t agree with you. After all, you are what you eat!
*Take out five minutes in the day for breathwork. Start with deep breaths and watch it naturally slow down.
*Start journaling all the changes you have noticed.
*At bedtime, express gratitude for three things that happened in the day.
*On waking up, find a few minutes of silent sitting before going about your day.

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First published on: 15-07-2021 at 10:00 IST
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