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Swing your way to health with mudgal training like Adah Sharma

Seek some motivation from Adah Sharma's Indian clubs workout moves.

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Many martial art forms have seen a revival in recent years with people slowly realising the various health benefits they offer. Among the many celebrities who have taken up martial arts to stay fit is actor Adah Sharma, who was seen practising one such form even in self-isolation.

The Commando 2 actor has previously been seen practicing an ancient martial art form called Silambam which requires one to be extremely precise with their movements and have immense control over footwork and agility. Recently, she was seen warming up with mudgal or Indian clubs, that are known to be extremely effective in improving shoulder strength. She posted a video on Instagram.

Take a look!

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Tag someone who needs Exercise Motivation in the times of Corona (I know gyms are shut but you can find ways to workout anywhere !) Your choice of workout 😈 . Be strong , be fearless and take precautions like Ladoo the cat wanted to watch but knew he had to keep distance 😁 . For all of you who complained about the lack of time to exercise in your busy schedule . Now you have time to build up your immunity ! Pick a form of exercise you enjoy . I've been training with the mudgal for a few years now .It builds Shoulder strength and flexibility and core strength. So before I do my silambam (stick) routine I do this so my shoulders are all warmed up #mondaymotivation #TraininginTheTimesofCorona #corona #100yearsofAdahSharma #adahsharma

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She captioned the post, “I’ve been training with the mudgal for a few years now. It builds shoulder strength and flexibility and core strength. So before I do my silambam (stick) routine I do this so my shoulders are all warmed up.”

What is mudgal?

Mudgal or Indian clubs are part of the Indian club training routine which require practitioners to swing weighted clubs. The elaborate movements are not just eye-catching but help the practitioner in multifarious ways.

How did the practice begin?

Remember wrestlers or pehelwans swinging the bowling pin-like weights? It is said that the practice began with ancient Persian pehelwans or wrestlers who were required to strengthen their torsos and arms when preparing for competitions. The idea soon found way into South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan before being picked up by the British who modified them and named the training as Indian Club training.

Here’s why the practice is beneficial

Strengthens strength

As previously pointed out by Adah, the practice helps lend flexibility to the shoulders by increasing the range of one’s motion. Mudgal is known to be beneficial for those who play sports like tennis and practice martial arts as it increases strength and flexibility.

Improves grip strength

It also increases forearm strength. While it may sound easy, holding on to the clubs while swinging is not as easy as it seems and hence takes a lot of practice.


Builds core strength

Like most other fitness activities, martial arts also requires core strength. Mudgal is known to engage the core muscles in order to stabilise the trunk.

Enhances cardiovascular fitness

The training method is known to be quite effective in building cardiovascular fitness as the swinging moves increase the heart rate quickly as the practitioner transitions from one move to another with practice.

Prevents injuries and helps in recovery

Warm-ups are essential before undertaking any strenuous activity. When done properly, mudgal helps warm-up the body, which prevents injuries. Slow, controlled mudgal training under expert supervision is also known to develop upper body strength after injury when the body is in the recovery stage.


Improves coordination

It is a great way to achieve better body coordination skills as the practitioner needs to completely focus on the move as well as footwork and rhythm while performing it.

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However, remember that any new movement should be done under expert guidance.

First published on: 02-04-2020 at 10:50 IST
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