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Want help dealing with anger? Here are some ways

Remember that even when your thoughts are clouded by rage, there is always a silver lining.

anger, ways to deal with anger, indian express news Do not let your anger consume you. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Anger is a natural emotion that every human being experiences from time to time. Every day, something or the other can irk us, and get on our nerves. It can be an annoying colleague, a fake friend, a painfully-long commute, a family fallout or something else. And while expressing anger is vital, the way it is done is more important. Anger management is a personal topic, but here are smart ways of doing it, so as to ensure it is dealt with constructively. Read on.

Take a deep breath

Before you think of letting out damaging words from your mouth, take a step back and breathe. Calm yourself and tell your brain this anger is going you cause you more pain and put a strain on your relationships. Try not to react, take a deep breath or two. Focus on your body, on every breath that you draw in. You will find your anger slowly melting away. In fact, take yourself away from where the drama is unfurling and find a comfortable place elsewhere.

Speak to yourself

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Even when you are angry, there is a voice inside you that will try to instill some sense. So, listen to yourself. Allow that voice to put happy thoughts and images in your head. Yes, it is difficult, especially when your head is throbbing with anger. But, understand that things will turn out to be okay. And whatever is causing you stress is not bigger than you.

Use humour

Glide through a heated argument using humour. Remember that there is humour in almost everything and you just have to tap it. In order to balance your perspective, laugh off your problems so that the next time you feel the rage closing in, you can remember this moment and deal with it lightheartedly.

Take it easy; remember that you are above and beyond whatever is stressing you out at the moment. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Understand what triggers you

It is important for you to understand what exactly it is that is causing you stress and anger. If it is your daily commute, try finding an alternative that works for you. If it is someone in the workplace, find a way to deal with them tactfully. If it’s a family member, sit them down and have a talk. For you to get over your anger, you have to understand where it is coming from, and kill it before it triggers you.

Something to appreciate

In life, there is always something for you to appreciate. Try to shift focus on to things that give you happiness. Think about the many things that have gone well in your life, your achievements, the friends who have supported you, etc. Remember that even when your thoughts are clouded by rage, there is always a silver lining.

Seek help


If you think that your anger always gets the best of you, seek help. There are therapists who can help with anger management issues.

First published on: 21-12-2019 at 13:33 IST
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