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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Top viral spoof videos that took internet by storm in 2014

Nothing works on the video platform better than spoofs. Presenting five spoofs that went viral on the web in 2014.

Written by Parmita Uniyal | New Delhi | Updated: December 18, 2014 12:08:06 pm
spoofs-main Nothing works on the video platform better than spoofs.

Nothing works on the video platform better than spoofs. They make us laugh and contemplate at the same time. This year, popular celebs like SRK and Alia joined the brigade only to make this genre grow further. While Alia ‘got a brain enlargement from a mental gym’, SRK ‘barely let Arnub speak’ on his show by hogging all the limelight. The success of Every Delhi girl in the World proves that people love to laugh at stereotypes. A spoof on how government looks at sex education could be an eye opener for few. Presenting five spoofs that went viral on the web in 2014.

1. When Alia Bhatt, the “genius” went viral for laughing at herself

From being a butt of million jokes to one who can laugh at herself, Alia Bhatt took a risk and got the respect from her fans in return. AIB’s Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year, video was an instant success with 6,937,538 views so far. In the video Alia joins a Dumb Belles gym for brain enlargement and dances her way to up her GK level only to heave a sigh of relief after she clears KJo’s rapid fire round. Well done AIB!

Alia Bhatt on the video: “I thought it would be really cool. So I did it.”

Shakun Batra who directed the video said, “The AIB concept was so funny. I just couldn’t resist getting into it. Everyone was in it to have fun. It was such a joy to work with Alia. She is dynamite!”

2. When the “Delhi girl” took internet by storm

The spoof on the quintessential Delhi girl tickled some, and annoyed others. The ‘Delhi girl’ of Culture Machine’s Being Indian swears by her designers bags and loves to brag about her latest buys. She finds many things LS (Low Standard), but not her grammar or pronunciation.

The video went viral with 2,044,517 so far. So unhappy were some Delhi girls after watching the video, that they did a parody called The Real Delhi Girl which garnered them 504,678 views.

“We knew that every Delhi girl would be successful just because of the culturally iconic status that Delhi’s young ladies have in our country today. She is young and beautiful and has the confidence of someone who knows that the world is at her feet and the sky is the limit. The reason people like to laugh at a video like “Every Delhi Girl In the World” is the same reason we like to mock the Ambani’s wealth or male models for their good fortune of being born good looking enough to not have to be smart. It is just mild jealousy,” shares Karl Katgara, Creative Director, Culture Machine with Indian Express.

“The self obsessed, rude, shallow, materialistic person, who only listens to Yoyo Honey Singh and cannot pronounce most English words that have more than three syllables in them… Is a caricature. Its a joke. The rest of us laugh at her with a mild sour grapes attitude. We choose to ignore the educated, socially responsible, career woman, who represents Delhi. We tease her because we like her,” adds Katgara.

3. When SRK admitted to buying awards and his addiction to doing commercials

We have seen SRK making jokes at himself, his co-stars, friends and random people at award functions. But this one is classic. From admitted to ‘buying awards’ to reviving friend-turned-foe-turned-friend Farah Khan’s career with Happy New Year, all SRK jokes fail and fade in comparison to this video.

We definitely didn’t like a tearful SRK in one of Koffee with Karan episodes, a funny SRK is better anyday. That’s why we loved Chennai Express and not Ram Jaane.

TVF’s Barely Speaking with Arnub takes a dig at a popular show of a leading news channel. Biswapati Sarkar features as a show host.

No wonder the video has got 2,240,773 views so far.

4. Because we liked these “endings” better than the original

Shuddh Desi Endings make spoofs on Bollywood films with their own twist. And yes, they are all animated. Be it their Happy New Year spoof or Ragini MMS 2 spoof, they cleverly weave the real and reel to create their own version of the movie. For instance SRK’s Wankhede controversy and his don persona are part of Happy New Year spoof. In Ragini MMS 2 spoof, Sunny Deol makes an appearance as a voyeristic ghost who’s a fan of Sunny Leone.

Happy News Year spoof views: 353,227
Ragini MMS 2 spoof views: 2,039,927

5. Premarital sex is akin to cancer: The spoof takes a dig at sex education in India

East India Comedy’s video is an ultimate dig on sex education in India. The teacher in the video is delivering a lecture on sex education without using the word even once.

With lines like ‘God gifts you a baby’, ‘If it’s a girl, Khap panchayat has a return policy’, ‘Boy married boy, no dowry’, the video takes a jibe at society’s sterotypes and double standards.

The total number of views on the video so far are 2,568,364

(This list is not exhaustive. Views expressed by the author are personal)

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