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Monday, July 16, 2018

Surfers pick: 50 things we love about monsoons

Check out the top 50 buzzwords for Indian monsoon, contributed by our surfers. Also listing the top ten activities that people like to do in monsoon.

Written by Parmita Uniyal | Updated: September 17, 2014 10:35:04 am


The scent of the parched earth that has just been hit by first rain of the season, the joy of evening walks once the shower settles down, the taste of crunchy pakoras with a steamy cup of tea, the spirit of romantic songs that didn’t sound the same otherwise – Monsoon has its own indescribable joys, even if comes with irritants like humidity, sweat, long jams on road, disruption of the normal routine of life. But then, such is life! You can either see the glass half full or half empty.

A few days after the Monsoon hit Capital, we asked our tweeple to list their favourite monsoon activities. We were surprised to know that they had so much to do in the season. Here’s the word cloud depicting 50 rainy activities.

And here’re ten top things that we found common in most of the tweets.

1) Bird watching: Yes, there are people who just like to dance in the rain, but there are others who would rather watch the tiny birds doing the same for them. Afterall the sound of the rains is more melodious than any of the chartbusters. The sight of happy birds, and happier trees is heavenly and is apt for…

2) …Evening walks: Yup, you read it right. The lush and the green grass, the swinging trees, the singing birds, the soothing breeze are some of the temptations very few can avoid. It’s that time of the year, when poets go berserk writing, painters run short of canvases and vendors get tired frying…

3) …Garam Samosas: The steam emnating from the middle of the samosa when you break the much-loved snack into two halves never looks so good. The spicy, tangy aloo filling never tastes so yum. And your eating experience reaches an all-time high when you combine the sinful snack with a cup of…

4) …Chai: Time comes to a standstill when you sip a cup of tea, especially adrak tea, while watching the rain droplets touching the ground. It tastes even better after a…

5) …Dance in the rain: As kids we used to do it more often, but why limit ourselves when we grow up. Age afterall is just a number. Break out of your shell and go crazy as soon as…

6)…The first drop of rain touches the ground: Petrichor or the scent of dust after rain is disliked by a very few. So, when the first drop of rain kisses the parched earth, their romance spreads across the nature and changes everything. That makes the scene ideal for…

7) …Photography: People who are interested in photography will have a lot of things to explore. The rain, the greenery, the birds, the beautiful umbrellas, drenched people and if you are lucky you can get to click the beautiful…

8)…Rainbow: Kids love it the most. Adults secretly admire it. One of the most spectacular miracles of nature, rainbow lifts the spirit of most, and teaches
us a lesson also – Life has all colours, celebrate it. Ready to write a…

9)…Book: Spending some time with yourself, the rain and the book releases stress. Rain has a meditative effect. It cuts you from the world and encourages you to…

10)…Think: By thinking for hours snuggled up in your bed about your life plans, friends, school/college/office, you sort our your thoughts and gear yourself up for the challenges ahead.

Here’s featuring the best of tweets on #ThingsWeLoveAboutMonsoon












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