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Sarcastic, much? Here’s how satire can benefit you

Want to send across a message without offending anyone? Get your sarcastic juices flowing.

An instant comeback, much like a sense of humour is associated with quick wit and the overall intelligence of a person. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Are you the queen of witty comebacks? Do you wear satire on your sleeve? Science says that having a sarcastic soul can benefit you in social situations, in ways you had no idea about. Your poker-face observations and interesting remarks can change the narrative of a situation, and make you appear more collected and interesting, as opposed to rude — even when you are meting out criticism!

Sarcastic humour and confidence

Contrary to popular perception, sarcasm is received well, especially in workplaces. According to a 2016 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people were evaluated based on their responses to some candid remarks. Those with a striking comeback were considered to be confident and more competent. This shows that humour and sarcasm are great tools to navigate difficult situations.

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Pleasant criticism

Let us be real. When you critique someone with the harshest words, the intended message gets lost in the process. But if you spin the criticism around, and suddenly throw in some sarcasm, it is received well. According to a 2016 paper published in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, researchers found that adults generally agreed with constructive commentary when it was delivered to them in the form of an interesting remark.

Sarcasm and intelligence

An instant comeback, much like a sense of humour is associated with quick wit and the overall intelligence of a person. Sarcastic people are considered to be intelligent, because of their ability to quickly analyse a situation and come up with a reply. The delivery and timing are also measured.

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Better social bonding

And finally, sarcasm helps in social bonding. When a sarcastic person makes a quirky remark, and a listener understands and agrees, a quick bond is formed. It goes on to say that the humour has been well received and appreciated.

First published on: 06-11-2019 at 18:20 IST
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