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‘I have never met anybody more charismatic, intelligent and focussed than Mohit’: Chhavi Mittal

"A relationship can go downhill if there is no humour in it," say the creators of the hit web series 'Shitty Ideas Trending' on the occasion of Valentine's Day

Chhavi Mittal, Chhavi Mittal husband, Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein, actor Chhavi Mittal interview, Shitty Ideas Trending SIT, online sketches, Facebook, Valentine's Day, indian express news"Over the years, we've become far more tolerant towards each other," says the couple. (Photo: PR handout)

Every couple is different and every relationship is unique. There are some light moments, and there are conflicts.

Actor Chhavi Mittal and her husband Mohit Hussein have, for a while now, trained their camera on these moments to capture and present the essence of everyday wisecracks in the form of short video sketches for platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

The creators of Shitty Ideas Trending or SIT, recently interacted with indianexpress.com, wherein they opened up about their own relationship, how it has evolved over the years, working together, the importance of humour, and what they think about the scope of online medium of storytelling.

While Chhavi thinks her husband’s “sixth sense is more alive” than anyone else’s, Mohit sees her as a “superhuman”. Read on to find out more about this talented husband-wife duo and their chemistry.

When was ‘Shitty Ideas Trending‘ conceived and why did you decide on this name?

SIT was conceived two years after our baby girl was born in 2015. We were toying with the idea of catchy names and Mohit came up with ‘Shitty Ideas’, laughing that if we call it that then nobody else will. And I added the ‘Trending’, which we thought sounded complete. Among other things, the name is a conversation starter.

Chhavi, you have worked in television; how different is the web medium and what do you feel about its scope?

The web is far more real than television. Also, it caters to a different target audience than TV. There is more diversity on social media platforms like Facebook, and I feel that it gives a canvas to a lot of creative people to showcase their talent. Writers, actors, creators, editors, everybody is getting a chance to move away from the stereotype and experiment with their respective crafts.

How much of your own marital life do we see reflected in the video sketches?


I want to say a lot, but that would be divulging too much, wouldn’t it? To be honest, I feel every marital relationship is similar in a lot of ways and you see a basic overlap of things in every relationship — be it someone from a different ethnicity or someone who speaks a different language. Across the globe, there are similarities. Some are more mature than others and many have highlights that make them stand apart. The whole premise and relatability factor of SIT rests on this.

If you had to describe your significant other in a sentence, and they had to do the same, what would you say?

I have never met anybody more charismatic, intelligent and focussed than Mohit, and I feel his sixth sense is more alive than anyone I know, and that sort of blows me away every single time. He is also excellent at his craft beyond reason.


Mohit: One sentence is not enough to describe Chhavi… I’ll have to write an essay, but the gist is that she is superhuman, and her super-strength is multitasking. There is nobody else who can handle so many things as efficiently as her.

“One sentence is not enough to describe Chhavi…” (Photo: PR handout)

In what way did the pandemic influence your storytelling, both in terms of the script as well as the production?

It was great in the sense that it forced us to go back to the basics and shoot how we shot right at the beginning, with a team of two or three persons. Creating scripts with me alone as an actor was quite a challenge, in addition to taking control of every single aspect by ourselves. Domestic responsibilities were also at the top, since there was no staff and we had a toddler to look after, along with the elder one’s struggles with online classes. Thanks to this training, now we are prepared for everything!

Your videos mostly have a dash of humour. How important is it in a relationship?

Humour is important in everything, and it takes the stress out of things. A relationship can go downhill if there is no humour in it.

Over the years, how much has your own relationship and chemistry evolved? What changes do you see in each other?


We’ve become far more tolerant towards each other. We also respect each more for who we are, and have evolved as a couple; and we fight less.

You are quite active on Facebook, and interact with SIT fans via Facebook Lives. What is the feedback that you receive?


Facebook has some amazing tools to help us engage with our audience and we use the Live streaming feature a lot, besides also using Stories regularly. It’s a quick way to update the followers about where we are at. The best is the video content that we put out there and I love how Facebook shows you the actual number of viewers currently watching your video. It gives us an unparalleled high.

As far as feedback is concerned, the biggest one is that I bully everyone a lot! I can’t help it though, because I am the only person guiding my crew as to which direction to go in. But jokes apart, we get the feedback that the viewers love certain characters more than the rest, and that they love to see combination episodes; and we also get some story and concept ideas from personal lives of viewers, which is great!

What plans for Valentine’s Day this year, for both the reel as well as the real couple?

Honestly? No idea yet!

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First published on: 14-02-2022 at 12:30 IST
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