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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Do you hate someone? You need treatment

Hate is a negative energy created by the Gang of five internal villains. It is a self-inflected disease and it needs doses of love to get healthy again.

October 13, 2014 3:53:41 pm
hatred-main Do you hate someone or something? Or do you know someone who hates you? (Source: Thinkstock Images)

By Santosh Sharma

Do you hate someone or something? Or do you know someone who hates you? The level of hatred and violence is unfortunately on the rise. And this is certainly polluting our world. We experience hatred and violence at different levels.

At the National level, people of Israel and Palestine or for that matter even India and Pakistan have a history of hatred against each other. And we have seen soldiers giving away their lives to protect the man-made boundaries separating human beings.

Isn’t it because of our limited self-understanding? We see ourselves from the limited boxes of being from a particular country when before that we are simply human beings.

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At the organizational level, we see boss, colleague and the subordinate are also not aligned and there’s a cold war going on in many such engagements where these people are involved. In this case of hate we don’t see the bullet, and the person is not killed in one go but he or she is killed through a slow poison taking shape of lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and many other related complications, over a period of time.

Off late, we are seeing a rise in hatred and violence in our own relationships. Many of us who had promised to live together with our spouse at the time of marriage are not in a position to even look at each other, forget about talking or being together. Love is getting challenged time and again.

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But the most dangerous level of hatred and violence is at the level of self. Yes dear friends we not only hate others but we also hate ourselves. We are not only violent with others but we are also violent with ourselves and with our thoughts or feelings.

All external violence and hatred is because of our internal degradation only.

We create invisible walls within and around ourselves separating us from our real self and also from others. The moment we dissolve our Gang of five internal villains like limited self-understanding, fear, ego, attachment and dominant mind that does not listen to us, we fall in love with ourselves. It happens because we are now reconciled within. The moment we are reconciled within we are also reconciled with others.

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When we hate someone or something the problem is not in that someone or something, but in the way we receive, process and respond to them. In other words if Raj hates Kiran the problem is not in Kiran but in the way Raj receives, processes and responds to Kiran.

If Pakistan hates India the problem is not in India but the way Pakistan receives processes and responds to India. When we are disturbed within we are also not at ease with the outer world. We must only be against the sin and not the sinner.

Hate is a negative energy created by the Gang of five internal villains. It is a self-inflected disease and it needs doses of love to get healthy again. Let’s replace hate by love.

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Love is the emotion created by the hero that is there in you and me. Hate creates boundaries love dissolves them. Hate is the mother of all violence, love dissolves violence into peace. Give love and peace a chance.
The writer is the author of “Dissolve the Box” and a visiting faulty at the IIMs. He was given the Star Citizen Honour for 2013 and is fondly known as the freedom man. Santosh Sharma founded DTB Consulting to free individuals and organizations to live, grow, lead, create and act. He is working along with his team to make India a super power by providing internal freedom to each and every Indian. He believes that internal freedom is much more fundamental, far more relevant and way too intelligent than the physical and economic freedom alone. Therefore, he is preparing to provide internal freedom to the world by 2030.

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