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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Children’s Day: A letter from a single mother to her daughter

Life is moving so fast. It was just a little over a decade ago. I was sad and alone, and I prayed for a blessing and found you in my arms!

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Updated: November 9, 2014 1:00:49 am
Tina Rajan and Ria Tina Rajan and Ria

From a single mother to her daughter
‘You are loved, no matter what’

My darling daughter,

I am glad for this moment when I can sit down to write to you. Life is moving so fast. It was just a little over a decade ago. I was sad and alone, and I prayed for a blessing and found you in my arms! I remember telling you this story earlier and you would tell me that you were the angel looking down from heaven and chose me to be your mother.

I love how you are growing each day. I was wary of the teens but you have pleasantly surprised me. I wish you stay blessed, always. Beautiful souls have crossed our path often and helped us sail through, no matter how troubled the waters.

Now that you are getting wiser, I know you appreciate how work has been the one big constant in my life and has healed me at every moment. I hope you discover happiness and peace in your creative pursuits and know that this can be your greatest strength.

Life is a mixed bag. It is up to us how we experience it. Anytime you feel low, turn to something creative that makes you happy. I remember once when I was drawing and you asked me, as an inquisitive two-year-old, why I was smiling as I drew. Celebrate the little joys, dear one.

Never be afraid to work hard. Your grandfather would say credibility is everything. Work hard and know you gave your best. While grades are not everything, you must aspire to find your place under the sun. Follow your heart and make your dreams come true.

It took a lot of courage and conviction to bring you up like a princess. I know that sometimes you are too mature or too bold for your peers. Stay as you are. I remember being called to school by your Class II teacher because she said you were overconfident for your age. I am happy you have an inner voice that does not let you stay quiet. Challenge everything and use your values, knowledge and experience to guide you. Think and reason for yourself… you have an independent mind. You are at a phase in life when you will want to explore the unknown. Be adventurous and free-spirited but stay grounded.

While you are blessed with well-meaning friends and family, there will be those who differ. Respect the difference and choose to steer clear. I still remember how you have bravely put up with heartless words over the years, how you take it all in your stride. I have silently cried many nights, amazed at how nasty children can be, and I take great pride in knowing how matter-of-factly you cut all that to size. There is nothing abnormal about being raised by a single parent and you are a beautiful example of that.

Understand the dynamics of family, friends, community, country and the world. If you can’t be patient and understanding to your family, you won’t be able to do anything for others. The joy of giving and sharing is a cumulative one, the more hearts you touch, the more love comes right back at you.
Know that you are loved, no matter what. I love you, always,


Tina Rajan is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Her daughter Ria is 13 years old and a Class VIII student at a Delhi school

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