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Are our internal villains distancing us from our original self?

The Gang of 5 internal villains limit our freedom and we are forced to suffer because of them.

LFEAD-main INTERNAL VILLAINS: This Gang is called LFEAD.

By Santosh Sharma

In the last article we discussed that to move ahead and evolve further we need ‘internal freedom’. We call this Freedom U.0 as it begins with you and the version is zero as we have just begun. And this is much more fundamental, far more relevant and way too intelligent than the physical and economic freedom. The Gang of 5 internal villains limit our freedom and we are forced to suffer because of them.

It’s now time to bring these villains out of their hideouts. This Gang is called LFEAD.

L – Limited understanding of self. We create invisible walls, within, around and among ourselves by defining ourselves narrowly. We are not just our profession, our job, our family, our caste, our religion and so on. We have reduced ourselves from a human being to an economic entity and we keep responding to all situations in life and work through this narrow platform of being the economic self. This infects and limits our objectives and means. Don’t we only see economic benefits in most of our decisions? Limited understand of self is being represented by a frog in the well.

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Limited understanding of self gives rise to fear.

F – Fear. There is a continuous internal dialogue of what will happen if this happens, what will happen if that happens and so on. These ‘What-if’ questions create fear of failure, force us to run away from tight situations and also makes us aggressive. Fear is being represented by a mouse.

Fear gives rise to ego.

E- Ego. We are so self-centered and full of ourselves that we always put ourselves ahead of everyone else. We wear a false mask and always have a tendency to prove and give excuses. Ego is being represented by a lion that is there in you and me.

Ego gives rise to attachment.

A – Attachment. We are hooked to outcomes, people, things and this undue pull creates a lot of ups and downs in life. We are always worried about the future. We represent attachment by a dog hooked to its bone. Just as a dog is hooked to its bone we are also hooked to our problems and we keep suffering from it.

Attachment gives rise to a dominant mind.


D- Dominant mind. When a situation is given to us we have automatic and compulsive thoughts. The mind becomes the master and we are its servant as the mind does not listen to us. We are hardwired and this makes us a slave. Dominant mind is being represented by a bull.

These LFEAD or the Gang of 5 come together in varying degrees and they create a vicious cycle in which you and I are trapped. This frog, mouse, lion, dog and bull inside do not allow the hero inside to express itself.

Unknowingly we have fallen in love with these villains thinking them to be our friend. Because we have been continuously feeding our villains our hero inside is getting weaker and weaker. Thus our internal villains distance us from our original self. Now the villains respond on our behalf. They receive process and respond to situations when our hero must have received, proceed and responded to it. Thus, we convert situations into problems. In other words Situation + LFEAD = Problem. We only face situations in life. It is our LFEAD inside convert these situations into a problem.


If my neighbour does not have a car and I have a Maruti I am happy. But the moment the neighbour buys a bigger car we feel left out. It is the same in case of promotion. If no one gets a promotion it does not matter but when someone from the team we are competing with gets a promotion it become so de-motivating for us. Most of us tend to see the girl in someone else’s arm better than the one in our arm and so on. We are driven by the outside and not within. Let’s not feed the villains anymore and let’s give our hero a chance to express itself. Now you and I will not just think from or outside the box but will dissolve it.

In the next article we will see how to improve personal relationships by dissolving the boxes.

The writer is the cultivator- Freedom Foundation. He is also the author of “Dissolve the Box” and a visiting faulty at the IIMs. He was given the Star Citizen Honour for 2013 and is fondly known as the freedom man.

First published on: 22-09-2014 at 04:30:44 pm
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